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7/23/02 - 8/6/02

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Woke up this morning to find that guy still sleeping on the couch, and Miray sleeping on the other couch. What a life. I think Miray is trying to change her return flight so she can go home to Istanbul tonight on the same flight I'm on. She's really bored with Bodrum, poor girl.

Sleepy girls.

So this will be my last day to tan before I leave. Gotta make it a good one, but not so good that I burn.
Ok, I just re-read last nights adventures, and some of you may be a bit confused as to why I would do something like that to Idil. Yeah, she's cheap, and yeah, she wants things that don't belong to her, but that may not be enough of a reason for most of you. Basically, I really wanted to confuse her. I really wanted to make her wonder what the hell was going on. And I think I did that well.
The other night, Gunten asked me if I wanted to go with her to Monte Carlo in November. Sounded like a good plan, but I kind of thought she was joking. But last night she mentioned it again. How cool would it be to be able to say that you played a hand of Baccarat in Monte Carlo? I'll lose all my money, but what an experience that would be.
Did I mention that today is my last day? Tomorrow I'll be in New York where things are normal.

Sleepy cats.

My laundry is done! Woo hoo!
Back to Idil. If you read the World Tour story, you got a very straight forward account of what went on. Boy meets girl, boy courts girl, girl decides to just be friends, boy is hurt, but gets over it and the two become friends.
Omission #3:
That night that Idil and I went to that very romantic restaurant on the Bosphorus (Kizkulesi), we went home and had that talk (as described in the World Tour story). She told me that she wanted to just be friends. I was hurt, and very confused, I mean, why take a guy that you know likes you to a restaurant that you've already told him is a place where boyfriends bring their girlfriends? And why meet me at the airport with three-dozen red roses? A lot of things that trip made no sense to me at all.
That aside, after our talk, we fell asleep lying next to each other on the couch. A little while later I woke up with Idil on top of me and her tongue in my mouth. I guess she changed her mind?
We fooled around for a while, and then she got up and said she was going downstairs to sleep.
I tried to talk her into staying, but she just wouldn't have it.
So I went to sleep.
A little while later, she came into my bedroom, and crawled into bed with me.
Now, does any of this sound like something people who are "just friends" do?
I was confused as hell, as confused as I thought I could be, but decided to just go with the flow.
We lay together for a few minutes, and then she got up and left. Just like that. My confusion level went through the roof. Does any of this make sense?
Can anyone explain the thought process that goes into a decision like this? I sure can't. So last night when the opportunity to leave Idil dazed, confused and pissed off arrived, you can see that I had no choice but to take it.
Not that I really needed to justify my actions to you, I just wanted you to know all the facts.

Well, it's now a little after 4 am, and I'm at the airport waiting for the ticket counter to open. It's pretty sad that with less than 2 hours until my flight leaves, they still haven't started check in.
So let me fill you in on tonight's events...
So, I headed back to the house for a nap. I realized that since my flight out of Bodrum was at 6 am, and my connection in Istanbul wasn't until noon (yes, 5 hour layover), that I basically wasn't going to have a chance to sleep until tomorrow. Not a good idea to nap in an airport during a layover. Sure way to miss your flight. So a nap now seemed like the best plan.
Man, I can't wait to get home and be able to type on a normal keyboard!
At the house, Miray and Nazli were still watching TV. Yes, since yesterday. They must be truly bored.
After my nap I headed to the bar and met up with my dad. I took a little test run in the "Spat Boat", then we jumped into his boat with my new nephew (man, my family is getting bigger all the time) and cruised around one last time.

The Spat Boat!!! Fastest thing in the water!!

Hey, is it my fault that I was raised in the US, and when the guy told me he could give me a really good price on a 1.5 meter boat I said ok? What the hell do I know about meters??!?!?!?

One last lap around the bay!

And here's the video of that run (2 megs) Boat 2

I said goodbye to everyone, and Aydin and I headed to the Bus stop.
As we were walking up, I spotted a very familiar looking white dog, and Aydin said, "uh oh, there's Idil". Sad how I spotted her dog first, huh?
So we held back as she walked by. I don't think she saw us.
A few minutes later I saw her come walking back without her dog. So I hid behind a truck. Very gallant of me, huh?
She walked down the road a bit to a little grocery store. Buying a control card so she can call me, maybe? Doubtful.
When she came out of the store the bus was just pulling up, so I kept my back turned until I had the bus as cover, then I ran in.
So my new last image of Idil is her carrying a bag of groceries. Oh well. It still works for me.

Video of Aydin and I after we got off the bus (4 megs). Last Night

Aydin and I walked to a restaurant called Baron Baroness.

And that's open sky above. How cool is that?

With the owner.

Aydin cursing Calvin again (1 meg).

It's an (yes), outdoor restaurant made to look like a street scene in Spain. Very nicely done.
We sat with the owner (who is a friend of his), talked, and had dinner. The absolutely hugest portions of food I've ever had in turkey. I don't think a Turk could ever finish a steak in this place. For those that don't know, American food portions are huge compared to those in other places in the world, and I really like them that way. Most of the time I just can't finish a portion of food in the US (or try not to at least, gotta keep my girlish figure somehow).
Afterwards we headed over to Hadi Gari and met up with Ersin.

Guys and gals.

Video of us drinking a Fucking Cold Beer (2 megs)

Do I even have to say? It's an outdoor nightclub, very popular, right on the water in Bodrum. This is the place in the Dog Bay story that Tony tipped the bartender $20 for a Coke because he got confused by the exchange rate. Odd addition to that story, Ersin is that bartender's cousin, and apparently, the cousin still talks about the crazy American who tipped a $20 for a Coke.
Ersin was sitting with two girls, one of which was Aydin's ex-girlfriend. Aydin was a little uncomfortable; apparently she was the one that got away. So after one round we left and headed to Mavi. Not the same Mavi as in Turkbuku, this is the Bodrum Mavi. Very confusing I know.
Check-in finally opened. Lazy bastards. I can finally stop lugging around my luggage.

Aydin and Vulkan.

We bumped into Vulkan, the drummer from Jazzino, and joined him in this really crowded little room with a band on stage. And I mean crowded and little (and indoors!).
The singer on stage is apparently also really famous in Turkey when he plays Turkish music (has an album coming out and all), but he likes to play here once in a while and play American music, and just kind of groove. He's really good, and the way he speaks English, I almost thought he was American.

Singer guy. He hates the flash of cameras, I think that's why I kept taking pics!

A little while later, the bass player and his girlfriend arrived, then Yahya showed up.

They follow me everywhere I go!

Outside I had spotted a mechanical bull, and decided that I really wanted to ride it. Guess how much a ride was? 2,000,000 Turkish liras. How much in dollars? About $1.30. I had to do it.
Isn't it strange that after 31 years of living in the US, the first time I ever rode a mechanical bull was in turkey?
I was pretty damned good. I think the operator was pissed that I didn't fall off right away, and he really tried to throw me, but it just wasn't happening. Finally I got bored and fell off on my own. And damned if my thighs don't still hurt!

The Bull Ride! Clip 1 (4 megs) Clip 2 (4 megs).


I think Aydin was trying to get a picture of the girls sitting behind me. He's so evil.

We went back into Mavi, and then Askin and Ricki showed up.

What kind of face is he making? What's wrong with that boy!?!?!

Her and I talked for a bit, and she was pissed that I was leaving so soon after she arrived in Bodrum. I think she was hoping to have a fellow American to hang out with. We made plans for me to come back in September, and then for her and I to go to london together when her hitch in Turkey is over.

I like how at the airport bar in bodrum, all the prices are in Euros. Like Turkey is part of the Union already. Very confusing.
Askin ran out for a few minutes, and then came back in with a wrapped present for me. He told me it was something small, so I asked if it was his penis. Turned out it was this hair band with a wig attached to it. That made the rounds, and we all had a big laugh and took pictures.

Passing around the hair band. Some of them looked pretty good with it on!

Why are there so many bugs in this damned airport? Sorry to keep switching back and forth, but I've seen more mosquitoes here in the airport than I did my entire time in Turkey.

Die, Skeeter, Die!

The singer at Mavi knew Ricki from London, and invited her up to sing.

Ricki belting it out!

After that number, she sat down, but the singer asked her to do another one. She really didn't seem like she wanted to, but then Aydin leaned over to her and asked her to dedicate one to me for my last night. So up she went. That was great. That totally made my night.
Since it was such a small place, and almost half the people in the room were part of my group, the place went nuts when she dedicated "Feel Like Making Love" to me. Maybe she was coming on to me?

Singing for me, how sweet.

Afterwards, they asked Askin to play piano with them.

Gotta love the faces he makes while playing.


A few minutes later, Atakan arrived to take me to the airport, so it was time to say goodbye. Aydin and I had decided that this was the easiest plan, rather than going back to Turkbuku to get my bags before heading to the airport. So we had Atakan get the bags and meet us here so I could stay out a little longer.

Saying goodbye to everyone. What a sad moment. See how happy they all get at the thought of me leaving?

As Aydin and I left the bar, the singer yelled, "New York has left the building". And everyone cheered again. Maybe they were happy to be rid of me?
So, into the car, off to the airport, and here I am with about 45 minutes until my flight.

The Airport Run (4 megs).

This is the first time in five trips to Bodrum that I didn't have a female escort to the airport.
The first time I came to Bodrum was with Tammy, a friend of my uncle's from California that I traveled with.
The second time was with my girlfriend at the time, Gina.
The next two times were with Mine. She drove with me to the airport and cried her eyes out the whole way both times, especially when it was time for me to walk into the airport and leave her.
This time my escorts were Aydin and Atakan. Really going downhill, huh?

Aydin and Atakan at the airport having a farewell tea with me.

Atakan gave me his Turkish lighter as I was leaving. Really nice guy. I'll cherish it (until it runs out of fluid).

Is it just me, or shouldn't planes be a little further away when you're flying over the Atlantic? I think the pilots were racing, and just so you know, we kicked that other plane's ass!!

And here's the lovely girl I got to sit next to the whole way home, Cigdem. This totally makes up for Aydin and Atakan escorting me to the airport!

Well, it looks like this is pretty much the end of this story. I've already gone through passport control here in Bodrum without incident, and now landed in the US safe and sound. So it looks like I'm no longer a wanted man in turkey. Shows you how much my popularity has gone down there; I can't even get arrested in this town anymore!



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