Bodrum '02

7/23/02 - 8/6/02

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4 days to go!
Woke up early and headed to Tiyatro for some Turkish breakfast and tea.
Still debating if I should call Idil. I brought her Listerine and birthday present (not the good perfume, another kind that I picked up for her) with me in my bag, so I have a funny feeling I will call her. Her mom had asked me for some Listerine. Apparently her Doctor told her to get it, so I had to lug that huge bottle in my bag all the way from New York. I think the sign on my head is getting darker…

I just worry that I'll forget how to use the zoom if I don't practice every day....

Bumped into my dad on the dock, he told me he bought me a boat. It should be here later today. Can't wait to see this.
He then took me over to his shop. He now has a woodworking and metal shop. Really nice set up, can't wait to see it in a few months when it's in full swing.

My dad in his shop.

After that, I called Idil, and headed over to her house. Her back and neck were still hurting, so I stopped by to say hi, and to drop off her birthday present and Listerine.
We hung out on the balcony and had lunch.

Idil, her mom, and her mom's friend (supposedly an actress of some fame in Turkey.

Some video of Idil eating watermelon (1 meg).

Idil's dog.

It almost looks like she's coming in to kiss me in the second pic, huh?

Well, what can I say? She is pretty. And I do have a lot of film...

I got bored, so took another pic of my toes. Idil saw it and asked what I was doing, so I showed her.

So she asked me to take a picture of her foot.

So I asked her to put her foot in her mouth. But due to her sore neck, she couldn't do it.

And here is my most favorite video of all. Idil's Foot (2 megs)

Oh, now that's really attractive.

While I was there, her mom baked a pie/cake for me. I don't know how to describe it other than to say it was really good.


At one point she asked to see my phone, then decided to check to see how many more controls I had left. I didn't realize her evil plan at the time, but basically, she wanted to call Nurhan using my phone and wanted to make sure I had enough time. Which she did.
When she saw how many controls I had left, she was shocked (I have a lot, since I really didn't know how many minutes each control would give me, and since I was calling New York more than anyone in Turkey, I had to make sure I wouldn't run out). She then asked if she could have one of my control cards! I was shocked. How dare she. I quickly changed the subject, and pretended it was a joke.
A little while later she brought up the card again, and I told her, "If I thought for one second that you would use the card to call me, I would give it to you, but since in the past 6 months we've known each other you've never once called me, no, you can't have it."
I think she got the hint and dropped the subject.
A little while later she brought out a home phone (land line) and made a call.
Huh? If she has a home phone, why couldn't she call Nurhan from there? And why can't she ever call me from it? The world may never know.
Later, she was looking for a light for her cigarette, so I took out my regular lighter for her to use. See, she doesn't like cigarettes lit with a Zippo, so in Istanbul I always carried a spare lighter just to light her smokes. I'm such a nice guy.
She took the lighter and kept it near her cigarettes for the rest of the afternoon.
Her mother cooked lunch, and we sat and ate. I offered her the massage again, but she claimed her doctor said massages were bad for her while her back was in this condition. So I offered her a massage when her back was better. Still no go, but at least I tried
Oh well.
At the end of lunch, Nurhan and her boyfriend showed up, and I spent the next fifteen minutes just sitting there while they all talked. Utter silence. Just sitting, being ignored. There's only so much of this I can take.
I was getting pretty bored, so I decided to leave.

When the dog is ready to sleep, it's time to go....

As I was gathering my stuff, I reached over and took back my lighter. She practically flipped! She wanted to keep it, but I told her, it was my lighter. She said she didn't have a lighter, and needed it, and I told her to go buy her own. Needless to say, she wasn't happy. I'm sorry, but the days of free gifts for this girl are over.
So I went back home and took a nap.

Video of Aydin Cursing Calvin some more (.5 megs).

Afterwards I headed to Tiyatro, had some dinner, and then went to another restaurant with Kerem, Nazli, Miray, Miray2 and Mirac. I was already full, so I just watched them eat and chatted.

"If you spare my life I will grant you three wishes..."

"Mmm... Shrimp...."

That night we had a special guest musician at the club, Kerem Görsev (we'll call him Kerem2)
He's apparently very famous, and we had 125 people reserved to come see him. He had just finished a concert tour in Bodrum selling out a huge arena, but since he knew Askin and my dad, did us a favor with a little intimate concert.

Gunten and Miray.

Kerem2 playing.

The bartenders goofing off!

At the show I bumped into a New Yorker! We had a couple of drinks and talked for a bit.

Kerem2, Askin and I.

After the show a bunch of us were hanging out on the dock talking, and I met a beautiful singer named Deniz (we'll call her Deinz2 to be safe). She works at another club near Ship Ahoy, and invited me over to hear her sing tomorrow night. Her, I and the percussionist from Kerem2's band headed out for soup, and talked for a while.

The Drummer and Deniz2.

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