DragonCon 2002

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8/27/02 - 9/3/02


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(Click the thumbnails to see the full sized pic)

I was finally able to get him to stand with me for a pic, but I don't think he'll ever be the same again.

My pimp!

"Mom, stop trying to touch me where the bathing suit covers!"

All the girls in the Amidala costumes got pretty freaked when I called them "mom".

Cami getting into the swing of things.

"You call that a cod?"

Farscape guy!

Family portrait.

Nat was one of the only people who didn't seem to mind taking a picture with me.


Rich going for the Spat-Butt.


Lara and Eric.

Me and Leni.

This guy insisted on showing me that he was hairier than me! And he was!

This was the Xena girl from the weekend, out of costume... sort of.

"We are so getting kicked out of the 501st!!"

Lara giving me a little thigh feel.

Chris and his wife (dealers we usually hang out with at Chiller) getting pretty freaked out.

"Aren't you a little hairy for a Leia? Let me get those stray hairs!"

This guy will never be able to watch Return of the Jedi again.

Peter Mayhew (Chebacca from Star Wars) got up, walked over, put his hand in my bra and just started twisting my nipple! (Phot courtesy of Rich)

"Wookies have been known to rip off nipples when they get upset!"

And here he is after giving me a "Wookie Nurple".


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