DragonCon 2002

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8/27/02 - 9/3/02


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Someone has a Wonder Woman Foot Fetish.

Somehow this turned into the Rob Page!

Amber getting friendly with me.

"I am not your mother, you did not come out of me!"

Mary Alice getting a handful.

I forgot to make up more tattoos, so I just decided to mark my territory with a Sharpie.

Gotta love it!

Hey, if they have my brand on them, they're mine!

"The Spackage".

Tony has a problem with Aliens reading his brain waves.

Gotta love the ladies of DragonCon!

Molesting Stephen some more. Maybe he'll need therapy after this?

Molesting Robert and Lisa.

"Look how pale and white he is, he must be a Vampire!"

A little payback!

While on the balcony at one of the parties we spotted a couple going at it in a window in the Ivy Tower. Soon, we had a crowd with us cheering them on and calling out instructions.

Robert and The Captain.




Joyce and Mike, still in armor, even though it's Monday and the Con is almost over!

Toni acting all sexy. Check out her website here.

Calvin and Leni.

And finally, here's Jennie looking all aglow for some reason.....


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