DragonCon 2002

8/27/02 - 9/3/02


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Yes, once again, it's that time. Time to get crazy and freaky down at DragonCon!

This being our third year going, we decided not to work at Registration, and instead to just go down and for once, see the Con. In the past two years, all I had ever seen of DragonCon was my Hotel Room, the Registration Area, the Dealer's Room, and the Bar. This year I decided to actually take part in a Track, see some Seminars, and actually take part in the Con. Let's see how I did...


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We all knew that Thursday night is the craziest night for the Registration Crew, so we decided to help out down there anyway. Calvin got a little uppity, and Susan ended up having to tape his legs together to keep him from running around too much.

James Richie, a comic book artist we hung out with a lot down there.




Amber and Tony. We met Amber last year when she had blonde hair. She came to Registration and didn't know what nickname to pick, so I named her "Cheesecake". This year she shoed up with red hair, and "Strawberry Cheesecake" just seemed silly, so we called her "Strawberry Shortcake".

Frank as a naughty Rodian Stormtrooper.

Rich, Zippy and Eric on the prowl.

Dion, "Dirty Tom", and Nat.

Tony and Fred.

Keeping the tradition alive, here is Sith Vixen sticking a Harry Potter wand up her nose. I think this is going to be something we're going to do to her from now on!

Mike in his awesome Blade Costume.

I walked up to Mike on Friday, opened up his coat and asked, "What, no Blade Mac 11?". He told me that he wanted to get one, but that the guy who makes them was on vacation, and he didn't have time to get one. So I asked, "Who, that Spat guy?".

"Yeah, that Spat guy."

"I'm Spat."

And then he went on about how much he wanted to pick up one of the kits. I bet he's happy he didn't say anything bad about that Spat Guy before he knew who I was.

I always wanted to do that to someone. Everyone does that to me all the time!

Mary Alice making the mistake of asking Calvin what he has in his mouth.

Stephen Austin (Babylon 5) doing his "Fonzie" impression.

Here's Stephen reading the pschiatry bill that Calvin gave him for all the mental abuse Stephen gave to him last year. Grand total, $27,000.00!!

"Helloooooooo, Nurse!"

Merle the Clone.

Frank and Nat doing shots of thse little bottles of liquor that Nat brought with her from Germany. I would love to know how many she brought, because we all did like 10 of them each night!!

Self shot with Cricket!

Self shot with Nat and Jennie.

And then came the obligitory Silly String barrage from Tony. I officially request we ban him from bringing Silly String to the next con!!

Calvin saying hi to Mary Alice....

Then going in for the Double Boob Grab!!

Self shot with Cami.

And a self shot Boob Grab!!


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