DragonCon 2002

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8/27/02 - 9/3/02


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(Click the thumbnails to see the full sized pic)

Eric helping Frank get his name tag off. Trying a little too hard if you ask me....

Jennie and Nat. We gave them new names this weekend as well. Jennie became "Privileged", and Nat became "Ms. Grope".

Boobs on the bar.


Then it was off to Hooters with the gang.

I had to carry "Little P" and when we walked in, there was a huge group of Klingons there having lunch. I pointed Little P at them and Little P gave them the finger, so one of them threw a Teddy Bear at me yelling, "Eat Ewok" or something. So I claimed the Teddy as my new friend as well.

Rob doing his impression of a Troll Doll on Crack.

"Damn those wings are hot!"

"I got your hot wings right here!"

Joyce in her Rose Tinted Glasses. Actually, Rose was at SpatCon in Indy, and met a guy there, they fell in love, and moved in together. Awww..... I'm such the matchmaker.

Klingon Birthday party at Hooters.

Scott and Rob dancing a merry jig.

Our own private Hooter girl, Jena.

Looks like the Midget in Scott's head is trying to get out, balls first.

My future ex wife, Sarah. Hooters.......

Nick (or Brian, they are twins, and in make-up it's kind of tough to tell them apart) as Darth Maul hitting on my woman.

This is what happens when you stare directly at the hooters.

I must say, Little P was quite the Ladies Jawa. He saw more action that weekend than anyone!

Me and the Hooter Girls. One fantasy I can now check off the list.

And then everyone wanted a picture with them!


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