DragonCon 2002

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8/27/02 - 9/3/02


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I decided to show everyone what a Boob Grab was supposed to be. See, a real Boob Grab is done a few inches from the person's body, there should be no actual physical contact. Watch:

Oops. My hand slipped.

"If you're Captain Kirk, I'm Uhura."

The Maid cutting loose after her shift.

Merle trying the old, "Take my picture while I'm standing next to this hot girl so it looks like we're together" trick. I don't think it worked.

Awesome! It's the Vampire Ninjas from Blade 2!!

Ahhh... Cation Tape Girl, how we've missed you.

I think Calvin is trying to suck the lipstick through this poor girl's neck, but I'm not 100% sure.

Lamar doing the Double Boob Grab on Susan. I've started and evil trend.

I tried to warn him, never drink anything a Klingon offers you that comes in a Wine Skin. Did Calvin listen? No, he get really, really drunk.

Calvin had quite the comment about this girl's... assets, and ended up having to have his mouth taped shut.

And the first in a new series of evil, "The attack of the Boob Grabbing Hand!!"




Saturday I finally decided to go hit a Track. There was a seminar on Special Effects, and so I headed down to check it out. On the way I was kidnapped by 4 Troopers in full gear and dragged up to the lobby. Then I was put against the wall and groped, a lot! I was kind of freaked out until they took off thier helmets and found out that they were all women!

Needless to say, I didn't make it to the seminar.

Saturday was also the day that people from the next Convention taking place at the Hyatt began showing up. And who were they? The Baptist Convention. Can you guess what happened when they saw all the freaks from DragonCon wandering around? They called security. So the cops were there asking people to cover up if they were a little too undressed, and Security was very quick to shut down any room parties that got even a little too loud. You would think the Baptists would have called before booking it and asked what was going on that weekend, just in case they'd be offended.


Dion with his Plaid Pauldron, which makes him part of the George Lucas Patrol.

Lara and Rich. "Wanna see my pistol?"

"That's just not right!"

Hey, fish need love, too.

Eric posing his little friend.

Tank Girl!! And Frank partaking in a "Boob Bath".

Tony and his new friend.


Tony got a new nickname that weekend, and wore his new badge proud. For about 30 seconds. Then he took it off and put it on the Jawa, so he became known as "Little Pussy".


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