DragonCon 2002

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8/27/02 - 9/3/02


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(Click the thumbnails to see the full sized pic)

Mmmm..... Sarah......

Oh, and these other people as well. Sorry, got distracted.

Rich, Mike and Joyce enjoying some Hooterlicious drinks!


And this would be the other Twin.

Little P loves Hooters. How can you blame him.

Whoa! Down boy! Bad Teddy!

The little Teddy Bear got a little frisky this weekend and spent the night attacking people! Looks like he got the Privilege!

"It's ok, Spat, I'll kill you later for that."

Lara Trooper. Now if more of the 501st ladies dressed like this, I'd go to more events....

And here we are, that's Andrew Martin in the middle, Andrew Martin III on the left, and Andrew Martin IV 1/2 on the right.

Andrew getting frisky with the ladies.

Ms. Grope turned around, so I went for the butt shot! Then I tried to get Privilege when she turned around....

And got a hand smashed into the camera!

But got the shot anyway!!

If I only had some ice.....

The balcony is definitely a great place to hang out and "Bird Watch." Or is it Boob Watch?

Here's an odd one. My friend Charles found this helmet and has no idea what it's from. Anyone recognize it?

Bset costume of the weekend!! The Radioactive Spider from Spider Man!! Nice job!

Damn, I didn't think that costume was that sexy, but people seemed intent on ripping it off!

Amber as a sexy Vampire chickie.

Me with Phil Morris (Seinfeld, Mission Impossible). Gotta say, he was one of the nicest guys we hung out with that weekend!

Tony, intent in the conversation, Mary Alice, staring at me.

Andy 4 1/2 getting some action from Cricket!

Lisa "Autographing" a troopers helmet. Damn that's a lot of kisses!

Bad Teddy!!

Damn, that Teddy Bear has no shame. Poor Little P.

Calvin and his new buddy!

Oh, no, not Beetlejuice, too!

Girls in the elevator lobby getting frisky!


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