DragonCon 2002

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8/27/02 - 9/3/02


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There are pictures on this page, and all pages after this that may be offensive, may cause loss of sleep, may even cause you to want to rip your own eyes out just to make them go away. I can assure you, you will never watch Return of the Jedi again the same way. Consider all your Princess Leia fantasies ruined.

We apologize for this inconvenience.


(Click the thumbnails to see the full sized pic)

And here we are, Sunday night, time for Calvin to gera up in his Blade costume!

You go, Blade boy!

"Take that!"

"Ok, I'm done, time for a drink."

Boobielicious. Sloane St. James again, letting it all hang out!

Hey, Wampa's need love, too!

Calvin with Lara.

Calvin checking the Tank Grls for ID. Looks like he's trying to go for an under the arm Boob Grab!

Calvin Wondering about Wonder Woman!

In the Green room with Phil and some other people.

Hey, she could be a Vampire!

Calvin with Leni (Earth Final Conflict).

Some new Vampire Hunters. Actually, I think these were the Vampire Ninjas from the other day.

Calvin can always use a good Nurse.

And here it is, the most evil costume ever. Are you sure you want to see more of it?

Here's a little more, and at least there's a sexy girl in it to help.

And finally, in all his glory, it's Slave Spat! My apologies to those that have already fainted.

What can I say? I needed to top the Spadme costume from Shore Leave. I think I did it. And it looks like I got the privilege of a Boob Grab!

The poor Wampa. He was shaking and almost passed out.

As I walked into the lobby, Albin (the leader of the 501st Stormtrooper Legion) came up behind me and smacked me on the ass. He asked me why I was wearing this, and I told him, "You said I needed to wear more Star Wars costumes!" Thank God he's got a sense of humor, or he'd of kicked me out a long time ago!

Mauling Maul.

Me with Dean. At least some people found it funny.

Amber in full Vampire gear.

Calvin and Amber.

"Watch those hands, lady!"

Hey, I made $4 that night. Oddly enough, the costume didn't really cost much more than that! And I made the whole thing in 4 hours from scratch!

Green girl.

Fairy girl.

Dominitrix Gril giving me a dollar!

Half naked girl.

Boobie girl. Sloane St. James once more. Do you think we have too many pics of her? I sure don't!

Lots of girls at DragonCon!


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