Bodrum, Bodrum

8/15/05 - 8/26/05

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Drew still chatting with the New York chick.

Still smoking on the cushions.


Sunday (technically)

Then the sun came up! That's when you know it's a late night.

My future ex-wife.

After a whole lot of sleep, we were back out taking pics.

Sleepy cat!

A pirate ship with a carving on the side of it of an Alligator attacking Gollum. Or so it seems to me.

Drew getting some more sun.

Just wanted to show you how awesome the water is there.

Drew makes a new friend.


Back to La Jolla for dinner.

Serdar brings down Chucky, his Husky.

Then we went back to Pure, and I did this quick FX make-up job... Tee hee.

Drew gave Aydin an NYPD Harbor Patrol shirt, and Aydin wore it in the hopes of getting some. Didn't work.

Drew looking very confused at his two straws.


Some of the freaky globes that live in Pure.

Looks like they are officially tying the knot!

Aydin looks like he's planning something evil...

It's like the funny faces contest.

Spat! Woo Hoo! First and only time on this page!

I think Aydin is trying to convince me that he didn't have his hand down Drew's pants. Not sure.



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