Bodrum, Bodrum

8/15/05 - 8/26/05

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That night we went to Sadi's new restaurant, Giritli for dinner. And afterwards headed to a local bar for drinks. Drew bought Sadi some cool glow-stick sunglasses, which sadly don't photograph well.

Drew double fisting it.

Sadi with one of his 3 facial expressions.

Drew spilling drinks on Sadi.

Me and Sadi.

Drew and I with Nalan.

Sunrise. (photo courtesy of Drew)



Drew drinking Tony's favorite drink, Fanta!!

Full moon... scary....


That night, my old friend Aydin arrived and we grabbed Sadi and headed to the Marina Yacht Club in Bodrum to listen to some Cuban music and have some drinks.

Driving into Bodrum, Aydin took a cat nap. (photo courtesy of Drew)

Me and Drew with Nalan and with the moon in the background. Yes, that little dot is the full moon.

After the Marina, he headed to a bar called Pure, which had some really freaky swizzle sticks for the drinks.

Danny, the owner of Pure loved the NYPD patch that Drew gave him. And in turn, Danny introduced Drew to the Deputy Chief of the Bodrum Police, and to a guy named Ozgur, who is a Turk who lives in New York. I kept trying to explain to Danny (who is from Holland and may not understand the cultural differences we New Yorkers have), that when we traded the patch to him it was supposed to be in exchange for women, not men.

Nalan trying to cover her ears as the music was soooo loud there. For some reason, every bar in Turkey blasts the music to the point of deafening the crowd.

Me and Aydin!! Haven't seen him in like three years!



Drew finally gets some pussy.

Screw you.

That night, Ozgur invited us to a restaurant in Bodrum called La Jolla, which we pronounce La Hoya, but the Turks pronounce La Joe La. Got very confusing when we tried to tell people where we were going. The owner of La Jolla, Serdar, owns 2 restaurants in Bodrum, one here and one in Xuma Beach Club in a town called Yalikavak. He also has three restaurants in California. Drew and I loved the food so much, we ate here four nights out of ten!

The crew! Be sure to check out La Jolla if you're in town, and also check out their website - La Jolla

Aydin, who would come out with us after working all day, liked to take little cat naps whenever we stopped in one place for more than ten minutes.

Then he would wake up and dance the night away, before having to go back to work the next morning.



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