Bodrum, Bodrum

8/15/05 - 8/26/05

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After La Jolla, we headed back to Pure. It's a great place that used to be a Mexican Restaurant. It looks like it's a normal indoors restaurant, but when you walk in and look up, it's actually open air. Either that, or the ceiling has an amazing painting on it!!

Aydin loves Drew.

Ozger trying to dance.

Never touch your eye!! EVER!!

See how red his eyes are now? Did we all learn a lesson? Good.

Aydin the king of the Holland women!!

You go, Ozgur!

Notice how far away from each other they are standing? They don't want anyone to think they're gay.

I said something really rude to Chantal, the waitress, and she said I needed a spanking. But when the target was offered, it turned out she was all talk.

Aydin, Chantal and I.

Aydin dancing up a storm. Or he's tripping and about to fall on his face. (photo courtesy of Drew)

And here's Danny!

And here's Danny's wife. And I think Danny might be in the picture somewhere as well, it's hard to focus on the other parts of the picture....



Spat and Aydin!

Spat, Aydin, and the other waitress whose name I keep forgetting. Sorry, I drank a lot.

Fuck you, Calvin.

Here's me crying in the corner. I'm sure there was a really funny reason behind this, but I can't for the life of me remember it now.

Go Danny, it's your birthday!

The Owners of Pure!

And one more chance for people to ignore the whole left side of a picture.



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