Bodrum, Bodrum

8/15/05 - 8/26/05


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Well, it's been like three years since I've been to Turkey, and I do miss it a lot. And when Drew said he wanted to go and finally had the vacation time to do it, I booked the trip.

I later found out that a lot of Drew's friends and even some of his family were really worried that Drew was going to Turkey. No one seemed to care about me. They were worried because they thought that Turkey was part of Saudi Arabia, a desert, full of camels, all the women would be wearing Birkas and that it was full of terrorists. Drew was more than happy to set them straight.

We made it to Istanbul with no problem, then after a short stop over, headed south to a city called Bodrum. From there, my Dad picked me up and drove us to the town of Turkbuku where his Hotel and Restaurant are. And now for the pics....

Note - Drew took 214 pics... mostly of the scenery, sunsets, the water, etc. Out of his 214 pics, I was only able to really use 35 of them. Not that I don't like scenery pics, but, c'mon! Who really wants to see that many pics of the water and mountains?


Here's me and my dad after Drew and I had a chance to change clothes so we could jump in the water really quickly.

The view from the dock. Is that something else, or what?

That night, Drew broke out some silly hats that he brought with him so he could fit in better. Nah, these were being sold by this very odd traveling junk salesman.

After a great dinner on the pier, Drew, Nalan (a friend of my Stepmother's who was staying in the Hotel that week), my Stepmother Gunten and I went out for some drinks.

Drew, very happy to not be on a plane anymore. That 10 hour flight from NY to Istanbul is brutal.

Nalan. She's an Astrologer who ran my chart one day while we were there. After checking my chart, she told me that I was "A silk glove on an iron hand." I thought that was the coolest way to describe me yet!

Traveling junk salesman. He did have some really cool and freaky light up tee shirts...

Drew and Nalan.

Drew thinking.... Sadly, when Drew pauses to think, he says, "ahmmmmm..." Which sadly translates to "pussssssyyyyy..." in Turkish.

Me and Nalan.



Time for tanning! For the first part of the trip I called Drew the "White Fish" because he liked to swim so much. Kind of an homage to Calvin who was called the "Black Fish" when he was here. Of course, after a few days in the sun, Drew's new nickname was the "Red Fish".

Drew using my phone to call his friends in New York. He then asked about the weather in NY, what was going on that day, what did they have for lunch, etc. I had to remind Drew that the call was costing $2 or $3 per minute, so unless the person on the other end starts talking dirty, he had better hang up!

Me and Nalan. (photo courtesy of Drew)

Lady Di!! That crazy evil dog is still there!

The view of Turkbuku at night. Sweet, huh?

Then we bumped into Sadi, the former cook at my Dad's restaurant. Then, we desperately needed sleep.

Me and Sadi. (photo courtesy of Drew)


Touristy pic. (photo courtesy of Drew)

A lazy day in Turkbuku, with nothing for Mir Mir the cat to do but eat a grasshopper. Yummy.

More pics of Mir Mir. (photo courtesy of Drew)


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