Halloween 2007

10/26/07 - 10/31/07

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Here's Allison and Jen as Absinthe Faries!

Foot Locker just closed, huh?

Drew and Keith!

Chewbacca snapping some poor woman's neck.

Nat in her Biker Scout Armor.

Mickey Mouse!


I see the Green Faerie!

Just missed it.

People about to fall to their deaths.

Chicks dig Stormtroopers.

E.T.! That's pretty scary.

Tron guy!

Pink chick!

Sewer folk?

Uh oh, someone is going the wrong way!

Robo walking 25 blocks. It's too long!



Witch dog!

Robo. Gotta love Robo!

Chewie is a Giants fan!


Snake Plisskin waiting for a bus.

No, not Supergirl!

The fairies again!

Chewie and a Flapper.

Chewie must be putting out some serious pheromones!

But was it all worth it?

Ruby in his Trooper armor hiding the spinach in his teeth!



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