Halloween 2007

10/26/07 - 10/31/07

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Another day, another plan to win more costume contests!

Our first stop Saturday night was Mirage out on Long Island. When we got there, the line was huge, and we realized we had forgotten to call ahead and get on the guest list! Never going to make that mistake again!

So we ended up on the "loser" line. After an hour of standing there, the bouncers came out and told everyone not to bother waiting, there was no chance of getting in for a long while.

Found this in the parking lot.

So we left there, and headed back to Bayside to a place called "Lucky's" on Bell Blvd.

Christina, our Angel of a bartender, and my future ex wife.

Apparently, this girl just woke up, and accidentally ran out of the house in her underwear! Poor girl!

Hello, Nurse... and Mary Ann, maybe?

Ok, this will take some explaining. The Club was holding the finals for the Miss Horrorfest Contest. And these women would then end up being the judges for the costume contest afterwards. But it was never really explained well to the audience, they just saw a bunch of girls on stage for a contest. And as each one tried to give their speech as to why they should win, the entire audience would chant, "ROBOCOP, ROBOCOP" over and over again. The audience thought this was the costume contest, and they were angry that I wasn't up there on stage! Needless to say, these ladies weren't happy.

So one girl brings me to the stage and sits on my head, and said other, nasty things about me.

Each of the girls tried to give their speech, and each was answered by the audience with more chanting for RoboCop.

After it finally ended, I did get a pic with Countess Bathory. I apologized, and hopefully they won't all hate RoboCop forever.

Be sure to check out Horrorfest, and vote for the girl of your choice. I vote for Lady Bathory as she's the only one who would talk to me. :)

Tony finds the Juice!

When they finally did have the costume contest, I ended up on stage competing against Peter Griffin, a Frankenstein, a Skeleton, and a Ghostbuster.

If Robocop had a theme song, I would have won that round. Damn you Ray Parker Jr! Why can't people call RoboCop?!?!?

Needless to say, I didn't make it to the finals.

The next batch was the hottie batch.


Hottie McHotties!

And a front and back view of the other hottie.

Ultimately, Ghostbuster won. Hate those guys.

Drew has a thing about taking pics twice. Once landscape, and once portrait. I have no idea why. Here's Tony and I with the Candy Corn Witch.

Uh... slutty maid, maybe?

And Socket and Plug. Hopefully not to scale.

After the contest was all over, the bartenders all told me that I got robbed, and gave me lots of free drinks! Woo Hoo!!

Me and Nat at the end of the night.


And some cops. Don't worry, I had their backs!

And that was the end of Saturday. Just a couple of days to recover, repair the costume and be ready for Halloween!


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