Halloween 2007

10/26/07 - 10/31/07

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Me with the Corrections Officer.

Frank squats down to say hi to some fans.

The Fook Sister's backpacks.

Chewbacca drinking!

Robocop is a mad chick magnet!

TAXI! She looks so sad that no one wants to take a ride inside her.

Little Red Riding Whore!

Racing girl and her bloody friend.

Drew gets some attention from Red.


Wookie hug!

Nat nabs herself a Ghostbuster.

I have no idea what these guys are doing.

Robo break.

Drew and the... Blue and Red Girls. Or something.

Chewbacca!! What a Wookie!


Nat and Jon.

I think we're dancing.

I think this is my Spiderman impersonation.

Nat and the Zombie!

Bee Girl!

Someone actually touched Jon!

Football guy and Bee girl.

I think she's supposed to be a TGI Friday's Waitress.

Baseball Girl.

After that, the DJ announced that the winner of the contest was.... ROBOCOP!! I grabbed the cash, bought a round of drinks for the team, and we headed out.

Third time I dropped my helmet that night!

Damn, he's tall!

Walking to the car in the rain.

Bumped into this on the way to the car. Can you guess who he's supposed to be?

Back at the car, it was time to undress Spat! My favorite sport!

Slowly ungearing.

And finally the girls are free!

Nice tire cover!

And we ended the night at the Court Square Diner in lovely, downtown Long Island City, she shining jewel in Queen's Crown.

Big thanks to Cintia and Flor for coming out and helping me get undressed. To Tony and Drew for taking pics. To Nat for accompanying me. And to Frank and Jon for showing up late and losing the contest!

Still more Halloween pics to come...


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