DragonCon 2009

9/2/09 - 9/8/09


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I then headed over to the Wolf Pack party! Thanks for the invite, Moshi!

Z finds himself between an Iron Woman and Tracy!

Probably one of the best Mad Max's I've ever seen!

Bondage Trooper with Michele!

Nice nipple rings!

Michele's balls.


My free Wolf Pack hat! BAM!

Michele molesting Z.

Michele molesting Karmaa.

Michele and Karmaa molesting Z.

Michele and Karmaa molesting Aaron.

HEY! Bad touch!

It's ok when I do it to Toby, though. (And be sure to check out Tony on The Bridge on CBS this Spring!)

We all just molest on each other for a while.

Michele and me.

Jen and me.

Moshi and me!

Me with Kandyse McClure from Battlestar Galactica as Moshi photo bombs us!

Jen and Kandyse.

Michele and Kandyse.

Z with Aaron and Toby! (And be sure to check out Aaron and Toby on The Bridge on CBS this Spring!)

Allison and a Cowboy Pirate.


Polka Dots!

Bettie Page!

Elvira! With junk!

The view from the top.

At the Ceasavier Elvis Party!

These tubs were the basis of the Captain Bucky Space Helmets! And they're full of yummy goodness!




Ahh DragonCon! You always find such strange bedfellows!

Then it was time to pop on my Battlestar Galactica Raptor Pilot costume!

Paul, being British.

Trin showing her.... support?

I don't really see a theme here. Mermaid? Old timey body builder? Ballerina?

Post Apocalyptic hot chick!

Tie Pilot!


Me and Doug!

Doug groomed.

It's right behind me, isn't it?

Oogie Boogie!

Aimee, in her... Aimee costume.

I don't get it.

Ash in her USCM Pin-Up costume!

Me and Skawt.

Doug with Adam Savage from Mythbusters.


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