DragonCon 2009

9/2/09 - 9/8/09


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Saturday at DragonCon is Parade Day! Once again, I geared up to march with my fellow Colonial Marines with the Aliens Legacy group!

Our honor guard.

Some nasty buggies. We keep them as pets now.

Nice armor graffiti!

Russ has a Trophy!

Our illustrious Marines!



Drew Hydrating.

Aww, look how cute it is with it's orange barrel!


Kevin, lugging around a Pulse Rifle because Homeland Security confiscated his home made toy Rocket Launcher when he was crossing the border from Canada!


Paul, Drew and me!

The King!

Paul making love to the camera.

The crowds!

Our USCM Honor Guard.

Drew and Lottie.

You have something on your... oh, never mind.

Hey, Kev! Why aren't you carrying your Rocket Launc....oh, too soon....

Group Shot!

And the customary raising of the flag on Paul's crotch.

Whoops! Looks like we missed one!

USCM Dress Uniforms!

The calm after the parade.

And he's down!

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