DragonCon 2009

9/2/09 - 9/8/09


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Another year, another DragonCon! This year, Wednesday was the new Thursday. The Marriott was the new Hyatt. And Anal is the new Oral. But that's another story.

Drew, Anthony, Z, Tony and myself (and about 20,000 of our friends) headed down to Atlanta for DragonCon!!


Prior to leaving, I put together a little gift for my Colonial Marine friends! But more about that later!

Here's Drew's circumcision scar.

After arriving at the hotel, we got a call that our buddy Aaron Douglas (Chief from Battlestar Galactica) was upstairs, so we headed up...

And walked in on the Chief banging Jenna Jameson while Batman watched!

And yes, it was Aaron who set these guys up and was playing with them. He and his crew had all brought along various action figures as their "Plus One's".

I later bumped into JP and Julie. They were still carrying around the above certificate from when I married them back in 2004!

Headed down to the bar and caught Anthony boob grabbing Allison!

Tom looking shocked while Scooter looks on in anger!

Paul and Gonzo!

And then it turned into a mini SheVaCon reunion!

As the night moved on, Julie broke out her famous "Cherry Bombs". Here she is feeding one to Lara.

And to think, this is the crowd hanging out on a Wednesday night!

Anthony gets a Cherry.

Tracy gets a Cherry.

Z gets a Cherry.

Spat gets a Cherry.

This is why Cherry Bombs are bad. Here's Z licking David Bowie.

David in someone's pocket. Again, the action figures are peoples "Plus One's".

Julie and Marian! Marian is an Assistant Director on Caprica!

Me and Paul! He's British!

Aaron's entourage.

Lara's "O" face.

Bowie in the boobs.

Batman off duty.

Me recording all the debauchery for posterity.


Aaron playing with his dolls.

Trapper steering the glass!


Paul and Scooter!

Wow, the Hyatt is dead! Glad we were at the Marriott!

Lara and Aaron! Notice that Aaron has the same mustache as me. He loves to emulate me.

I have no explanation for this. Though I do have some video of it.


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