DragonCon 2009

9/2/09 - 9/8/09


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Thursday we got an invite to visit the offices of Adult Swim (thanks, Jennifer!).



Robot dude.

Z and Brock Sampson.


The crazy group!

A real Jackalope!

Free Frisbee!

Master Shake!

I honestly can't say thank you enough for the tour of Adult Swim, it was awesome!

This is the DragonCon Registration Area before the doors open up.

Here's Gus, he's in charge of the Registration Area!

Put some shoes on, Hippy!

And the doors open...

And tony assumes the position.

Lara, and a smiley girl!

Drew with Beer Goggles. Literally.

Here's a shirt that Drew got Anthony for his Birthday.

And here's the disclaimer that he has to use when wearing it.

The SpatCam is all knowing. Worship it!

These are some temporary tattoos that the staff of SheVaCon made! It depicts me as a little drunken Angel!



Trek girl.

Spat and Spat.

Z photo bombing Spat and Spat.

Brainy Spat.

Silly Spat.

Spat looking way too happy.

Smelly Spat,

Hoochie Spat.

Spat Tat!

Spat Tat in a very bad place!

Spat flashing.

Nipple Tat!

Me and Morgan!

Morgan gets "Spatted".

Don't we all?

Penguin Spat!

Glasses Spat!

Photographer Spat.

I wonder what she calls the other one?



Darren with the King of England himself, Baz!

Then Luciana Carro (Kat from Battlestar Galactica, and she's also on Caprica now) came by and first I got a hug...

Then I Spatted her a new Tramp Stamp...

Then she punched me!

I never catch a break!


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If you have any questions, E-Mail me. Spat@spat-nospam-cave.com