DragonCon 2009

9/2/09 - 9/8/09


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Monday I headed over to meet up with Gus! He runs DragonCon's Registration. Awesome guy!

Iron Man?

Some people like to ignore their friends and play on the computer.

It's going to be sad to see the Brits leave. I only get to see them at DragonCon!

Mmmm... Dip.

The Brits meet Richard Hatch!


That is some dinner group!

It's right behind me, isn't it?

Ok, so here's the Aaron Douglas story. You see that we both have the same mustache. Well, a friend of mine got on the elevator and Aaron was standing there. She said, "Oh, are you trying to look like Spat?". And he replied, "Yeah, now I just have to gain 40 pounds". When she told me that story, I knew it was on. REVENGE!!

So, later Aaron and I were hanging out at the bar and two fans came running up all excited and asked if they could get a picture. He said yes, and the fans handed him their camera and put their arms around me. Aaron was pissed as it dawned on him that he was being got! So he snapped a picture of the ceiling. After, the fans went up to him and asked if they could actually get a pic with him, and at first he played it off and said, "No, you're done". But the fact is, Aaron is too nice a guy and did pose with them. And now he knows that Revenge is mine.

Anthony Montgomery from Star Trek: Enterprise!

Apparently, he was sent by Aaron!

The atrium!

Lounging by the bar!

Karmaa is a pretty princess! And she's a total dork because she's wearing the Con T-Shirt of the Con she's currently at!

And look, my mark stains the belly. Yeah.

Well, it looks like Aaron was still holding a little grudge. Looks like he got it out of his system!

Three Asian Chicks! BAM!



Morning time!

Me, Anthony and Z waiting for the time when we'll have to head to the airport!


Well, we had a lot left over and didn't want to see it go to waste. At least it found a good home. In Abe's stomach.

And finally, Last Nerd Standing.

Well, that's another DragonCon in the can! Big thanks to everyone who came down to party, and to Wizard for sending me! I totally put out fliers!

See you there next year!

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