DragonCon 2009

9/2/09 - 9/8/09


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At the bar with Doug.

I got a call from Brian asking me if I wanted to be on any panels at DragonCon. I looked over the list, and one panel seemed like something I really needed to be on...


Look, I'm on a panel!

Mmm... Black Cat....

Cricket trying to get the bartender's attention. PS, it didn't work.

Watchmen costumes!

Karmaa as a Red Shirt!

Jedi Monkey!

Lara as a.... Red feathery thing.

I'm guessing High School Musical Reunion? Though to really sell it, Aimee should be pregnant.

Jonah Hex!

Me and the King!

The Young Ones!

Red Shirts!

Yeah, that's right, I left my mark all over Karmaa's stomach!

I have no idea. Knight Fish?

Steam Punk Rebecca!

Armor dudes.

Gears of War!

Then it was time for our annual Colonial Marines dinner!

We get a pretty huge crowd at these things, and have an awesome time!

Then comes the awarding of Most Valuable Marine.

And then the Aliens Legacy Gold Wings award.

And then I invented my own award! The Chrome Dome Award!

Awarded to Dom this year!

Morgan looking like a Zombie Jessica Rabbit.

TK Fairy!


The Crow!


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