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5/21/04 - 5/23/04

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The next day, Heather broke out the Black Cat costume, due to overwhelming requests from her fans on the SpatCave Message Board.

"Don't talk to me"


John pretending to sign autographs.

The Black Cat!

Richard looking very stoic.

The Black cat, back with Spiderman again!

Out of nowhere, Brian O'Halloran (Dante from Clerks) showed up. Heather went up to him and asked if she could take a picture with him. He thought about it for a moment, then mimed having his arm twisted behind him. He finally got up, but said that he would only take the pic if she let him take one for himself!

We found these girls hiding behind Marc Singer's table taking all the pictures that he had ripped up ( I assume because he spelled a name wrong) and taping them back together.

And here is the result of thier work.

Brian Thompson was at the con as well, and after about 10 minutes of begging, he finally agreed to take a photo with Heather. Then it took another 10 minutes to get him to let go.

John with Brian.

And finally, me being Boob-Grabbed by Brian. Doesn't he know that's copyrighted?

We got invited to dinner with Garrison Carida that night, and on the way we passed a Bachelorette party in progress!! It seems that every time Dennis and I hang out, we find one of these!

Damn, the Garrison is really recruiting their Troopers young, huh?

The dinner.

Orli seems to REALLY, REALLY enjoy that cheescake.

"Who the hell ate a whole cow??"

I, and everyone else invited to the dinner would like to give a huge thanks to the members of Garrison Carida for inviting us. I hope I get everyone's name that was there, if I missed anyone, I apologize. Thanks to Jason, Darlene, Joe, Lisa, Carrie, Willy, Tony, Jackson, Abby, Jordan, Sean, Jaster, Mike, Gary, and Bill. Also, thanks to Ailsa Berk (Amanaman from Return of the Jedi), Orli, Richard, Dennis, Rich, Dave, John and Heather for coming down to dinner.

Dennis and Rich sitting with our memorial for Richard Biggs (Dr. Stephen Franklin on Babylon 5). He passed away Saturday morning, May 22nd. For more info and pics, please check out my Richard Biggs Memorial Page.


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