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5/21/04 - 5/23/04

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After dinner, it was time to head back to the bar! I requested a re-match with that evil bottle of Jack Daniels, but sadly I lost again. So for this night, all the men will be called "Hortence", and all the women will be called "Wanda". The part of the evil looking Troll man will be played by the "Evil Looking Troll Man".

Look at Evil looking Troll Man go!! Sadly, I was going to wear that same exact outfit that night. Thankfully I changed my mind at the last minute.

Here I am being molested! Do I look like I'm about to complain? No.

Hortence! You may remember Hortence from Empire Fan Fest, he was one of the promoters, and I think you can also find him on a bunch of my past Chiller pages. And I will be stealing that shirt at some point...

And finally, the DeF-X guys arrived! Here's Hortence looking for someone to help complete his "High Five".

Looks like Hortence is about to get naughty on Wanda! Watch out Wanda!

Hortence and Wanda getting Snuggly.

Hortence here claimed to be a Stand Up Comic. I actually found him quite funny... Funny looking!

And of course, Hotence's crotch.

Hortence, Wanda and Hortence getting down and funky!

After we were at the bar for about 15 minutes, I noticed that we had taken over an entire quarter of the bar! We had easily 30-40 people there with us.

Hortence, Hortence, Hortence and Wanda.

How can a webpage be complete without a picture of Hortence, Wanda and Hortence?

Too many Hortence's to name, all hanging off Wanda. You may remember Wanda from the Icon pages.

Wanda being "Boob-Grabbed©" by Hortence. Oh, boy is he in trouble.

Me and Hortence right before I had to beat him for Copyright infringement.


Hortence in a Hortence and Wanda sandwich.

Wanda and her chopstick.

A Wanda Conga Line!

Wanda and Wanda getting friendly.

Hortence trying to look tough.

Then I bumped into Wanda and Wanda. It was Wanda's birthday that night, so we had to make her do shots!

Look, I'm being molested by Wanda!

They should change Philly's tagline to "The City of Sisterly Love".

Hortence and Hortence!

Wanda trying to mess up my nice pic with Wanda. How rude!

Hortence double fisting it!

That Wanda is just all about getting her leg on every Hortence in the place!

Hortence getting an "Atomic Wedgie".

Now, really, is that finger really needed, Hortence?

Hortence looking cool.


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