Wizard World Philly

5/21/04 - 5/23/04


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Now, I don't usually do Comic Conventions, but last year I went to Wizard World Philly and had such a great time that we decided to head back. Richard LeParmentier (Admiral Motti from Star Wars) was scheduled to be a guest, and I was able to convince him to fly into New York first, then drive down to Philly with Heather and I. John and Dennis met us down there, and Kathy and Rich from the Empire City Garrison were there, as were the members of Garrison Carida, and Philly Outer Rim. So we had quite the crew showing up.

Photos below are from John and I.


This is a game called Makoto. It's a speed and reaction time game where you use the stick to hit lights on the three poles when they light up. The faster you go, the higher your score. Obviously it takes practice. I got a score of 34 my first try, and by the end of the weekend, John had worked his way up to a score of 54. That means 54 hits without missing. I think the highest score of the weekend was 84.

Rich got himself a great score. 12. That was after working his way up and playing the game a record 189 times that weekend! Way to go, Rich! Just look how much he's sweating!!

Kathy and I hanging out in the Autograph area.

Richard actually working for once!

Orli Shoshan (Shaak Ti from Star Wars: Episode 2) with Heather.

These are awesome! A half scale Boba Fett, and a full size Predator, both made of scrap metal welded together!

Rich, Kathy and I. Notice my white ribbon, which I got for my awesome score playing Makoto. I'm pretty sure that white is the highest you can get.

Orli with John. He's got an orange ribbon. Sadly, the lowest, and most insulting ribbon you can possibly get.


John attempting to steal my soul.

Heather looking lovely at the bar.

Richard looking very tired after the con.

After the con, and after dinner it was time to head out and do some drinking.

Sadly, due to a fight that I lost that night to a bottle of Jack Daniels, I don't remember anyone's name. So I will be calling all the men in the following pictures, "Wendel", and all the women shall be "Horcinthe". Why? Because I demand it be so!

Here's Wendel and I heading over to the bar. Wendel was actually at the now infamous "Chiller PJ Party". His girlfriend, Horcinthe had just started dating him at the time, adn when she found out what kinds of things went on at the party, she almost broke up with him! But I'm sure we're all glad that Horcinthe and Wendel managed to pull through.

Wendel here got a little drunk and got it stuck in his head that he once starred on "Babylon 5", so decided to try and make out with me.

Horcinthe and me. She forgives me for the evil parties that I throw.

Wendel is making that face because I'm giving him an "Atomic Wedgie".

Some really old friends, Horcinthe and Wendel. How I've missed them.

And here's Wendel and Horcinthe having a hug. Notice that Horcinthe is EVIL!!

Wendel, Wendel and Wendel. Of course, I kind of missed their heads in the pic, so I decided to take it again.

Wendel showing off one of the many things I love about Philly. YOU CAN SMOKE IN THE BARS!!


Wendel and me.

I'm Wendel, God dammit!

Our bartender, Wendel, who claims to be in the Witness Protecton Program.

Mass massage. Horcinthe being massaged by Wendel, while he gets massaged by Wendel.

Wendel and I planning something naughty.

Wendel is looking a bit drunk.

Horcinthe looks like she's getting an "Atomic Wedgie" and loving it!

Hey, it's a donut!!


Me and Horcinthe in the cab on the way home.

After the bar closed, we headed back to the Marriott and sat in the lobby goofing off. There we ran into the guys from DeFX. They're planning on making a comic book about me. That is, if they know what's good for them!

Here's Wendel, Wendel and I in the lobby.

Wendel giving the sign of the Devil!

And finally, Horcinthe and I.


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