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5/21/04 - 5/23/04

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We're still at the bar!! (Just making sure you don't get confused)

Me and Wanda!

Hortence is showing Hortence the naughty pics he just took. Don't you just love digital cameras?

A mad sea of Hortence's and Wanda's!

Wanda and wanda blowing smoke at Hortence. He'll never complain about second hand smoke again!

Wanda leavin her mark on Hortence's head.

They look like some sad little baby birds waiting for the mommy bird to come along and feed them. Actually, behind Wanda is Hortence, Hortence, and Hortence from DC Comics.

Me and Hortence making silly faces.

Hortence in the middle of a Hortence Sandwich!

I think Hortence has had enough.

Hortence being comforted by Wanda.


Hortence showing Wanda, Hortence and Wanda his "Air Piano" skills.

Hortence hiding in the corner!

I don't even want to know what Hortence is trying to do to Hortence. Or is it Hortence trying to do something to Hortence...?

It wouldn't be a Con party if there wasn't a shot of Wanda's cleavage.

Meanwhile, back at the hotel...

Hortence tries and succeeds at taking off Wanda's boots with his teeth.

Wanda the beer drinker.

The next day, we headed back to the convention.

At the Makoto table, they posted a pic of Heather fighting in the Black Cat costume.

Then she signed an autograph for Matt and Alex.

Heather and I with Ailsa Berk.

Heather and I with Orli Shoshan.


Well, that's the end of the page. Hope you enjoyed!! Big thanks to John, Heather, Dennis, Richard, Ailsa, Orli, Rich, Kathy, Philly Outter Rim, Garrison Carida, and the guys from DeF-X!!

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