Vegas, Baby!


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Jay, you are the man!

Simon and I mugging for the camera.

Something very disconcerting on the floor in front of Dave.

Hello, ladies!

"Satan rules my soul!" Another Red-Eye moment for Craig.

Rich's 5 Point Puke and Hold Technique:

Step one: Feeling funny, stand up and look for escape route
Step two: Throw up a little in your mouth
Step three: Pick up an empty glass (or, be handed one, because bending down to pick one up can be dangerous) and spew contents of your mouth into glass
Step four: Place glass on table
Step five: Party on dude!

Jay, explaining once again that he makes movies.

Me and Leon! Woo! Took me a while, but I finally got a pic with the Bachelor!

Rich and Wanda.

After that, the battery on my camera died. Once we were all Vodka'd out, we all headed our separate ways. Rich and I walked back to the Tropicana, while I whined that I wanted to take a taxi. Rich wouldn't let me, so I asked him to carry me. He refused. When we got back to the hotel, I walked into the bathroom, and was immediately attacked my the bathtub!

Here's a pic that Rich took with his camera phone.

The next day we headed back to the Hard Rock Hotel for something they call "Rehab". Basically, it's the same pool party they have every day, but this one is a lot more expensive. And oddly enough, the music played at the pool of the Hard Rock Hotel consisted of very little hard rock. Odd.

The shin wound I got from my bathtub fight.

Jay, looking oddly sober after all that drinking the night before.

Rich and Jay. Both of them look way too un-hung over.

The Bachelor looking, and feeling like crap.

Hello, Wanda!

Rich, the Beach Zombie. The glare off his pasty skin was blinding.

The Hard Rock Hotel!

Wanda, one of the Hostesses. Not ours, though.

The Schlubs! How we ended up alone in a Cabana, I'll never know.

Wanda, our hostess.

At one point, one of the Cabana Hosts came by and asked if we wanted some girls, so next thing we knew, we had some girls in the Cabana with us.

Wanda and Rich.

Horton, Wanda, Jay, Wanda and Wanda. Turns out, a few of the Wanda's were from Jay and Craig's home town.

Simon, back from the dead and ready for lunch!

Leon, looking much better.

Jay, starting to fade.

Wanda checking out the pool.

Then Craig decided to go take some pics by the pool with Jay's camera. Then he decided to take a swim. Sadly, he forgot that he had Jay's camera in his pocket. The memory card survived, but the camera was DOA.

This was the beginning of the end for Craig. He was so upset at what happened, that he practically made himself ill. I told him then, I'll tell him now; it was only a camera, it'll all be OK.

After that, Craig had to be patted down before he went near the pool to make sure he wasn't smuggling electronics.

As the day wore on, the Champagne began to flow.

Jay, feeling better, but Craig still fading.

At one point, the Cabana host came by, looked at Leon sleeping and then looked at me, and was about to complain about there being a "no sleeping" rule. But before he could say a ward, I looked him straight in the eye and said, "He's not sleeping, he's dead." At which point, he shrugged his shoulders and walked away, leaving Leon to sleep it off.

Tom making himself a drink.

Jay making a mess. Looks like a scene from a horror film. But it's really just Cranberry Juice.

Simon and Wanda.

Nick on the balcony watching us.

As the sun was setting, we're all finishing off the last of the alcohol.

Yeah, it's me.

This pic just screams "VEGAS".

Rich and I re-booked our flight (we were originally leaving at Midnight), so we could stay until noon on Monday.

I headed back to the hotel, but my room key didn't work, and my name wasn't on the room, so I had to wait around gambling until Rich got back from his gambling run. I think the hotel does this on purpose to make you gamble more. I dropped $20 into a Slot Machine, and an hour later I was still up by $8. Rich was finally back, so I headed up to the room up by a grand total of $31, while Rich was down $154,964.

We met up with the team at the Hard Rock Bar, and had a casual night just hanging out, drinking and getting hit on by hookers.

Rich and Wanda at the bar.

Tom "almost" made it to dinner. Almost.

And then woke up and ate.

After that, the group split up, some to gamble, some going to sleep. Tom and I hung out at the bar and fought off hookers while Jay chatted up some Chef. You truly haven't lived until you've had women walk up to you at a bar and ask, "Do you want to fuck me?" You say no, and then they walk to the next guy and ask again. And this goes on until someone asks, "How much?"

Gotta love Vegas.

At the airport, Rich and I both dropped a $20 into another Star Wars Slot Machine and the machine just ate it. So I ended my first trip to Vegas up by $11, while Rich was down a grand total of $154, 984.

And, as the phrase goes; "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas... Except for what ends up on!"

Congrats to Leon and Karen! And Karen, I hope you enjoyed the pics. :)


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