Vegas, Baby!


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Jay, Wanda and Wanda.

Just so you all know, Wanda and Wanda are actually Mexican! I swear!

Simon looks like he just got slapped.

Why does this look like a screen cap from a porno?

Horton shaking his money maker.

"You do know that I make movies, right?"

I have no choice but to assume that someone dropped their pants, and Wanda is looking at it, while Wanda is snapping a pic. There's really nothing else it could be.

Craig is a very subtle Mac Daddy.

"No, you really are older than my Mom!"

Apparently, this is Fez from MTV. Though how would I know, I stopped watching MTV when they stopped playing Music Videos.

Couch cushion.


I like to call this, "The Camera Strap Montage". Big thanks to Rich for taking these for me.

This is my drunk sexy look.

Wanda and Wanda avoiding the camera.

Saving Rich's seat.

Dave and me!

Simon and I posing for the camera.

No idea what Ivar and I are doing here.

Rich really liked this group of girls.

The drunks.

Jay getting molested by me.

Looks like someone was trying to get an "up-pants leg" shot of Jay.

Too much Vodka....

Rich, Wanda and Craig living it up!

And then a random Wanda ended up on Rich's lap!

"No, seriously, I made a movie about Star Wars fans."


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