Vegas, Baby!


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Nick doing a bit of "Foreshadowing" with his Cornholio impersonation. More on that later....

Looks like Paris Hilton snuck out of jail!

Leon and the Vegas babes.

Vegas babes are obviously very lonely if they have to kiss other girls. I guess there are just not enough men in Nevada. That's my theory.

Ut, looks like they're leaving...

But not before the Admiral gets a taste!

Leon requesting the Cabana bill. Look at the size of that bill. DAMN!

So, after that we all went to our respective hotel rooms to clean up, and shower so we can have this Bachelor Party! As the alcohol begins flowing, I begin forgetting names. So, in the great tradition I started many, many escapades ago, I shall once again be calling all the men whose names I forget, Horton. And all the ladies whose names escape me shall be known as Wanda.

We headed out to dinner at a place called "Japanaise".

The crazy guys!

Spat! Working it for the camera!

Dave, texting Rich's kitten.

Here's Nick, or Osama, or Ali Baba, or whatever. This is right after he was escorted away by Security when he tried to get into the restaurant. Why? Because apparently he looks like someone on the Watch List. Which means a few things - 1: Casino Security is more strict than the airlines. And 2: Face Recognition Software is pretty damn cool. Nick was searched ... Thouroughly. But still made it back to the restaurant in time to eat a spring roll. And by the look on his face, he may have made a new friend in the Security Room.

After dinner, we hopped into the Stretch Hummer and headed 85 feet to the next hotel.

Now that's what I call "leg room".

Craig, trodding along.

A shot out the window.

A hotel. I think.

Me sleeping, and Jay looking very scared that I'm about to lash out and slap him in my sleep. Yes, I sleep slap.

Still looks a little nervous.

Here we are at Pure. After working our way through the crowd (and damn, was there a crowd), we were escorted to our table on the dancefloor!

Big thanks to Dave and Luke for that!

Here's Rich with Wanda.

You would think these guys would be smiling a bit more with all the VIP treatment we were getting.

Jay and Dan, trying to look cool.

Yeah. That's right, baby.

Dave, and Devil Richard.

Me and the Admiral.

Rich and Wanda again, but this time with Luke in the background texting Rich's kitten. That is one popular pussy!

Simon doing his "Simon Dance".

Craig and Jay doing the "White Boy Head Bopping Dance".

Jay offended that I'm making fun of the way he dances.

Ivar, ecstatic that he got into a club. Again, he looks 12.

Why is it that everyone looks so angry when I take a pic of them?


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