Vegas, Baby!


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The power of Christ compels you! Look at those Devil eyes!

A little three-way of me!

What a crowd!

Here's our table. Notice the 5 bottles of Gray Goose Vodka. I swear, I have never in my life had that much Vodka. EVER.

"The Colors... the colors..."

Rich attempting to use his mind powers to make some woman's underwear jump 3' to the left.

The Admiral.

Wanda and Wanda, our hostesses. And sadly, this is the last pic I truly remember taking. The rest of the night is a bit of a blur.

Dave and Luke. I think Luke is trying to do a hand symbol for "Peace and Love", but it looks like he's got the "L" backwards to where it looks like a "J". So maybe it's "Peace and Juggling".

Simon and Wanda dancing up a storm.

Jay, hi-fiving his invisible friend. We were all pretty drunk.

Wanda and the Admiral!

Balance ... failing ... Equilibrium ... fading .... Floor ... moving closer ... to head ...

Da butt. I have to assume Rich took these pics.

"Hey, Wanda, check out this pic I just took up your skirt."

In an odd way, this is exactly how my memory of the night felt. Way too many colors, and a little out of focus.

Jay begging me to stop beating him up in my sleep.

Wanda, Jay and Wanda.

Play on Playa.

The Simon Dance. Or, he's having a seizure.

Notice the Wanda's walking around our table because of the roped off area keeping the Riff Raff away from our table.

Wanda showing off.

Rich and Wanda.

Horton arguing with Ivar for some reason.

Jay taking it to the floor!

Cool Spat/Angry Spat!

Crowd shot.

Who's been spilling my drink?

Yeah, I'm a little drunk.


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