SheVaCon '09

2/27/09 - 3/1/09

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That's all I need!

Drew and Bad Andy!

Drew, while surrounded by hot chicks, spends a moment thinking about his place in the Universe.

When her eyes roll back in her head, you know the night is going your way!

I think she likes it! Better slow down or you'll end up taking off your bra in front of everyone!

Spat Tat!

I'm not really sure what's going on in this pic. But I think the kids call it a "Rolling Brown Out".

Killer Bunny Slippers!

Get a room!

Get a room!

It's become a SheVaCon tradition that a PS3 must be sacrificed for the greater good!


And Matt is dazed!

Anthony's Angry Face.

Some guy!

Lottie reminding me that I'm #1!

Sing it, girls!

Matt taking a picture by holding the camera up to his face like it's 1986 again! NERD!

A projector!

Spat Tat!

And then my Killer Bunny Slipper ate Krista's foot!

Yeah, I saw these in the Dealer's Room and had to have them!

At SheVaCon, the kisses are hers and hers and his.

Drew's giant Red Cup!

Now it's a party!

I seem to approve.

Spat Tat.

Krista and Aimee looking like superheroes!

Anthony is totally staring at Krista's boobs.

And here's a close up for those who wanted to see them.

Spat Tat!

The Killer Bunnies strike again!

Jennifer, Drew and Cherie hanging out. Looks like Drew is channeling Tony here!

Captain Drunky, and his sidekick, Looped!

Guitar Hero!

And then Drew slams Michele's head into the wall!

"And that's how you get her to not press charges!"


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