SheVaCon '09

2/27/09 - 3/1/09

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Ahhh, SheVaCon! Although it's a new one for us, it's quickly become a favorite. Great people, a great time, and me as the MASTER of Ceremonies makes SheVaCon this the show not to miss!

So, once again Drew, Anthony, Cat and I jumped into the car and trekked 8 hours to Roanoke Virginia!


SheVaCon did raise the bar for all other cons by custom making our badges!!

Here's Drew's badge. "My Little Pony"!

Cat as "El Fuzzy".

Anthony as "Sgt. Batwing".

And me!

Now other cons are going to have to up the ante and start custom making our badges!

Anthony doing 2 thing together in a bar that you can't do in NY!

Everyone meeting up at the bar.

The Batwing himself!


Michele's bra.

Michele and me.

The biggest laptop I've ever seen!! You must need a GIANT lap to use this thing!

The bar crew getting hostile!

I guess there are a lot of things you can do in a bar in Virginia!

...and then he snapped her neck...

Gina! Way to keep your eyes open for the pic!

Two seconds later, they totally started making out.

The SheVaCon bar!


Melissa, Jennifer and Michele. And it looks like Michelle is totally grabbing Jennifer's boob!

Drew's thumb.

A tongue.

Michele getting spanked.

Drew's crotch. I think.



SheVaCon raises the bar once more! They gave me a gift basket with fruits and chocolates!

I'm pretty sure that this is an Orange giving birth to a Lime.

Guns, guns, guns!

SheVaCon staff hard at work!

We keep seeing commercials for Sonic Drive Ins here in NY, but we don't have any up here. So, since we were finally near one, we decided to head out and find one!

On the way, we found this dog in the car along side us. It really, REALLY wanted Anthony!


Maybe it's the fact that we don't have Trans fats in NY, while they do in Virginia, but Sonic tastes AMAZING!

Back at the con we found a Stormtrooper!

And then some Troopers partake in a liquid lunch!

Michele's 501st dress!

Joe and the Cheeky Monkey!

Yeah, we all got Fez'd again!


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