SheVaCon '09

2/27/09 - 3/1/09

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Our first task on Saturday was to do our standard Live Lifecast Panel.

Tony got himself some Salmonella free Girl Scout Cookies. This is a timed gag since at the time of the con, there were issues with peanuts having Salmonella.

But he still eats them.

And then drops some on the floor.

Gina gets the full SpatCave treatment!

"I'm touching your eye!"

Goop time!


And somehow, Tony got some of Drew's spooge on his nose.

Once that was done, it was time to head to the bar!

Drew getting closer....

Too close!

Yeah!! Even Fett knows that when he needs SERIOUS firepower, he needs a SPULSE. Available in the SpatCave Store!

C.C.!! Wearing (mostly) men's clothes!

Aubrey's back.

Packed bar!

Monkey out of costume!

Aubrey as a kitty cat or something.

Hallway girl.

Marine!!! Armor available in the SpatCave Store!

What's wrong with this picture?

There's no bartender! Somehow, on a Saturday night, of a convention, in a sold out hotel, during their Karaoke night, they only had one woman working as bartender, waitress and bus girl! How is that possible? It took about 30-40 minutes to get a drink.

Cat and Anthony chose ritual suicide rather than wait.

It got so bad that the hotel just ended up closing the whole bar and restaurant at 11pm.


Thankfully, I had other things to do before the bar got closed down. As MASTER of Ceremonies, I had to go and MASTER the Costume Contest!

My Mandolorian Girls, and their bodyguards.

I got bored, so I pulled the old "Banana in the Tailpipe" gag on the Fett jetpack!


Aubrey again.

Then she jumped in and started singing "Lady Marmalade".

And then it was time to.... Kill Dr. Lucky again!!

Kill me if you can!

Girl action!

I am a MAD chick magnet!

Drew's crotch.

Hmmm.. Judge says no.

The Dinning room? Is that where we Dinn?

Aimee and Drew!


Anthony asks me to smell his finger.

Nailed in the nuts!!

Krista's feet.

Jack, Matt and Drew!

Get a room!!

And the killer is.... That guy!


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