SheVaCon '09

2/27/09 - 3/1/09

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Gotta give some love to the Kilt guy.

This is our naughty look.

Sink. Texting.

Goth girl at bar.

SheVaCon's awesome security.

And then it was time for Kill Dr. Lucky! And guess who gets to play Dr. Lucky? ME!

Basically, it's a Live Action Board Game.

Cat videotaping. Note the Kuzaa sticker on the camera. A leftover from Trenches.

Joe tries to read!

Joe rides the beast!!

So basically, everyone moves around the board and tries to get me alone in a room so they can try and kill me.

Joe gets the winning card!

But it's not as easy as it seems!

But if you do get me alone in a room, you get to do anything you want to me!

Michele tempting me into a room alone with her. She didn't win.

The SheVaCon Trophy girl! She's not the trophy. She gives the trophy to you. And no, "Trophy" is not a euphemism for something dirty.

Still trying to kill me!

Drew, Anthony and Tony!

And... I'm dead!

Dr. Lucky is no more.

So it was time to go to the Garrison Tyrannus 501st Mixer!

Showing Matt some of my homemade porn on my iPhone.

A photo of a photo!

Self shot!

Girl on girl!

Legally, I'm no longer allowed to have that dream. The Dwarf called the cops.

Not long after this pic was taken, the pyramid collapsed to the ground. Badly.

Drew's crotch!

Schoolgirl boobs!

Crowd shots!

Pictures of pictures!

She's not happy.

Lottie wearing a very appropriate shirt!

Cat's badge.


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