SheVaCon '09

2/27/09 - 3/1/09

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Michele and Tony get down

Aimee looks confused. As usual.

If anyone ever asks where Spat's thumb has been, now you know.

Look, I'm a Unicorn!

And one in the stink!


Yeah, my thumb has been there, too.

Aimee doing her "Sad Face", while Tony tries to ignore her.

Tyrannus puts on some party!

Matt singing "I Touch Myself".


"Do the Lambs still keep you awake, Clarise?"


Spat Tat!

Yeah, my thumb is that big.

Long distance Boob Grab!


Tig Bitties!

That's my thumb in my crotch!

Everyone loves to play with Spat's thumb!

Spat Tats!

Awww, so happy.

So, once the bar closed down, everyone started heading to different room parties. Drew and Anthony headed up to a party and when they knocked on the door that the party was supposed to be in, a woman answered, crying and told them there was no party there. Drew walked away, and as the door closed, someone behind woman, grabbed her and yanked her back into the room. Anthony saw this, yelled for Drew, and the grabbed the guy and pulled him out into the hallway. Drew tried to ask him what was going on, but the blue haired Emo kid just wanted to yell and scream at Drew. When Drew mentioned that he was NYPD, the Emo kid said, "you don't have any jurisdiction here!". Another guy in the hallway, who happened to be US Secret Service, told Drew that he had jurisdiction, so, to keep the Emo from flailing his arms around, Drew grabbed his wrist, then his ankle, yanked him up and swept the other foot out from under him. The Emo kid ended up on his face on the floor. Anthony held in him in place while Drew went to get security.

That's when I showed up!

Emo on the floor!

Of course, later when drunk, Drew told someone about how he dropped an Emu kid. So, if you ever have problems with blue haired Emu's, call Drew!

Aubrey and Michele get naughty.

I'm wondering if Drew thinks Michele is an Emu girl.

Anthony, checking the horizon for Emus.

Michele and her shirt.

Anthony sleeping.

Spat sleeping.



SONIC RUN!! That's right. We went to Sonic like 5 times in 3 days. It's sooooo good!



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