Halloween 2006

10/27/06 - 10/31/06

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China Club - Monday

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After a lot of mis-information, it finally turned out that there was no costume contest at China Club on Monday, yet everyone kept telling us there was. But we still got to hang out, test the costume again, and meet a lot of cool people.

Me and our bartender.

Looks like we're about to fight!

I am a mad chick magnet.

I bumped into JT, an agent and club promoter that I haven't seen in a very long time. He got us into the VIP area.

Everyone wants their picture taken with Robocop.

We bumped into Monique Dupree. She's a Scream Queen working in indie films.

Roxanne and I. I was calling her Flower Girl all night since I really couldn't see much of her through the visor except for the fact that she had some kind of flowers on her top.

She ain't so tough.

Rachel and I. She was my Club Crush for the night.

Who ya gonna call?


Tony and I.

Me and some chicks.

So, Superman, Robocop, a Ghostbuster and a Schoolgirl walk into a bar....

Mmm... Rachel...

That checkered flag means that I'm nearing the finish line.

Naughty cop and naughty pirate. Yummy.

This is what Robocop will look like when he retires and takes up life anew as a Private Detective.

Yummy bartender girl.

Crazy drunk guy with a hat who bought me a drink. That's his new name!

Tony looks way too happy. Something's up.

Chicks love me.

Dancing girls.

Rachel and I. You didn't realize she was a giant, did you?

It's not a party until everyone is dancing on the tables!

Tony and Flower Girl. I mean, Roxanne.

Rachel again.

And that's the end of that night. One more night to fix and tweak anything that needs work because tomorrow is the Village Halloween parade!


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