Halloween 2006

10/27/06 - 10/31/06

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Chiller Theatre - Friday

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Yes indeed, it's that time of year again! Time to dress up in costumes and run through the streets screaming like a little kid! Halloween!! As a guy who makes costumes for a living, people always assume that I'll make an awesome costume for myself for Halloween. But since I spend all my time making costumes for other people, I often have to buy costumes for myself. And this year was no different. So without further ado, here is my newest acquisition, Robocop...

A great costume if there ever was one. I was very worried about it being uncomfortable, but once it's on, it's not bad to wear. So long as you check for pinches and scratchy areas first. We needed a test run to make sure the costume would hold up to the abuse it was going to take over the course of Halloween weekend, so decided to head to Chiller Theatre Convention to shake out the bugs.

Walking from the parking lot to the con was an adventure. By the end of Halloween I was officially a pro at walking like Robocop, but this first day was a bit rough.

Here's Tony in his OCP Police Uniform. We wanted to have a costume he could wear that would have something to do with Robocop, as well as giving him the mobility to help me out when needed. This outfit really fit the bill.

RoboSpat invades Chiller.

Me and Tony.

And from the back.

Choking Jim.

Ominous shot.


Bumped into Little 1 in the bar.

"Dead or alive, you're... oh wait, you are kind of dead already, right?"

Mugging Mike Creager.

Getting molested by Nelson.

Zorikh didn't even recognize us when he invited us to the Big Apple Convention.

In the tent we bumped into Felton Perry. He played Johnson in all three Robocop movies. I didn't even know he was going to be at the convention, but I did spend some time by his table helping drum up some business for him.

All the hotties love Robo.

Taking a break without the helmet.

The new face of Chiller Security Staff.

In the lobby someone came up and asked to take a picture of me. Through the visor it looked like a guy in a Pee Wee Herman costume (you can't really see a lot of details through the helmet), so I asked to take a picture with him. When he stood next to me and said, "Ok, but you have to make it quick", was when I realized it was Paul Reubens, Pee Wee Herman himself! Only after uploading the pics did I realize that he wasn't even dressed like Pee Wee Herman! That is one wacky visor of mine!

And finally, Here's Tony and I with Barbara Luna of Star Trek fame.


So, that's the first test of the suit. Based on that, we made a few more modifications, and got ready to test it out tomorrow at a nightclub.


Big thanks to Tony for all his hard work on my costume, and for helping me out all weekend. And a big thanks to Jim for helping out that night and taking pics.


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