Halloween 2006

10/27/06 - 10/31/06

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Culture Club - Saturday

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Originally, we had booked tickets to a Toshi Halloween Party, set to be the biggest and coolest Halloween party of the year. But at the last minute, the local Police precinct challenged their Liquor license, and next thing you know, it's a dry party. No alcohol allowed. Needless to say, the ticket that we bought, which promised us open bar all night, is not as much fun when it's a juice bar.

So, while trying to decide where to go, we came up with the idea of heading to Culture Club. It's a great club in NY that plays nothing but music from the 80's!! And, when I'm there in my Robocop costume (a movie from the 80's), there was no way we could go wrong!

Rich, in his Harry Potter nerd costume. I can crush him with one hand!

Robocop's finger!

The club.

Our crew - Ruby (Tonto), Jenn (The Lone Ranger), Spat (Robocop), Rich (Harry Potter nerd #1), Amy (Harry Potter nerd #2), and Tony (OCP Cop, taking the picture).

RoboSpat getting some love.

Tony in costume.

I'm guessing she's a pimp.

That's Rich's "Trust me, I'm a lawyer" smile.

Robo nipple licky!

Freaky girls love to dance up on Robocop and grind him. I don't know why.

Mmm.. Naughty Pirate and Bunny girl...

Amy and Rich.

Ahhh, the new Police Uniforms are pretty tight.

Tonto angry!

Clark Kent!

We're not in Kansas anymore.




Naughty lady cops.

Bumble bee girl.

She likes to blow.

Robo getting his treat.

A cat, a bee, and a... a... uh... hmmm...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, chicks dig the armor.


SHe's scared of my rock hard pecks.

Gun play in the bar.

Me and the chicks.

Amy and Jason.

Amy touching my breasticles.

Drunk guy.

While walking through the club, a woman stopped me and handed me an envelope and congratulated me. I asked her what it was, and she said I won the costume contest. I didn't even know they had one! But I wasn't about to complain, $200 is $200!

So with that party out of the way, we left to go meet up with Frank, Tracy and his crew over at Luke and Leon's for their Panty Party.

Lisa, me and Tracy. Don't say anything, but this is probably the third year in a row that Tracy has worn that costume!

Robo gets double teamed!

Oh no! A Funkface Bandito!

And here are the guys from What Is Aggressive.com.

After all that, it was definitely time to get that costume off. But it was yet another successful run! We figured out some more parts that needed work, and things that needed tweaking before the next run.

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