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"Yeah, that's it, show me happy! Now show me naughty!" And note the Wide Angle "home porn" lens on the camera.


She's losing her mind!

Joaquim and his future ex wife. Or at least, the girl who stole his Mardi Gras beads and didn't flash him.

So then Halloween had to kill her.

And if you pull out the beer, another one pops up in its place!

Blah blah blah blah!

En Fuego.

Wow, they're the same height!

Reggie and Chris, the 2 Kilted dudes at Chiller.

Pedro and Grace. Grace is our new friend. It was her first Chiller and she had the booth next to us. So we took her under our wing and showed her the ropes. I think we showed her too many ropes.

Faith gets bloody.

And here's where I nerd out for a bit. People do forget that even after all these conventions, I'm still a fanboy at heart, and growing up I had the HUGEST crush on Cynthia Gibb. Seeing her at the bar, I just had to go over and buy her a drink and chat her up. Tee hee.

Grace and Joaquim.

Ramon and Grace.

And then Grace broke out the Mayo and Money to party on Ricardo!

Drew and Grace!

And then Tiffany came back!

Tiffany and Spat self shot!

Melissa has trouble staying in frame.

Joaquim and some wrestler that he likes.

Looks to me like Grace and Melissa are really close to kissing in these pics.... but they never quite did.

Chris gets surprised!

Drew makes a new friend.

Yummy Chris head.

Drew and Laura!


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