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Red Devil Girl!!

What's Spiderman holding in his hand?


And then, at the bar, the Nurses showed up. Jacinto gets his turn.

Helloooooooo, Nurse!

Chris gets her heart rate checked. I know that my heartbeat is racing!

And then me and Chris got our turn.

Juancarlos and Skyy.

And then he bumped into Robert Picardo in the hallway. Of course, Nardo had no idea who he was, just knew that he was someone famous. So he pinched Robert's nipple while having the pic taken!

Later, Robert came back to the bar and Nero got a pic with him. Of course, Nero is a huge fan and was fumed when he found out that Nardo had no idea who he was! It was hilarious!

Paz and Darryl get a pic with the Devil Girl. They also got red paint on their shirts!


I have no idea. Maybe the inside of my eyelids?


Major Spat, Evil Genius.

Chris and Chris!

And, here's Chris. I assume that by the way she's standing that she's "presenting".


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