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Well, it's been a while since the crew and I spent a whole weekend at a Chiller. Not since the infamous PJ Party of 2002. But now that I'm working for Big Apple Comic Con, they actually make me go to other conventions and spend the weekend partying! Ok, they actually expect me to sign people up for the Big Apple mailing list, hand out fliers and cool freebies, but we manage to find a few minutes to party each night, anyway. Since Chiller doesn't use name tags, My Little Pony, Sgt. Batwing, and Pvt. Bathroom Lovin' got to go by their real names.

Also, I'm trying out new, and larger thumbnails for the pics. Be sure to let me know if you like the bigger pics, or if the old, smaller ones were fine.



Alvaro with El Diablo from the Misfits!

Some people out for a little of the Ultra Violence.

Drew and Chris. Drew gets a little kissy.

Chico and Chris!

Chris and Drew help Joaquim have his first beer. Not his first beer of the night, but his first beer EVER.

And beer number 2!

Drew showing off his kissy mark.

Captain Zorikh! Of course, once he promoted himself to Captain, being called Spat no longer seemed to cut it. So I have now promoted myself to Major Spat! Mwuahahahahahaha!!

Major Spat in all his glory! All hail Major Spat!

Drew and Faith.

Tiffany Shepis shares the love with Cordero and Jago.

Everyone loves boobies.

Yeah, Major Spat triple fists it. Tremble in fear of my might!

Everyone wants to hug Spat.

We hit the bar pretty hard. Like Lawyers!

The whole drunk gang!

Iago and Chris loving up on each other, but not in a gay way.

William Forsythe!

That's MY drink.

Estevan is so blinded by my awesomeness.

And here I am being interviewed for Sci-Fi Ninja Theatre!

Party People in the House!

Joaquim and Danny Baldwin.

Who is this guy and why is he getting so much love?

Drew channeling Tony and going for the foot!

Me and Chris!


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