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Joaquim! He kept asking if he was drunk. Poor guy has to get used to some drinking.

Just cropping the pic to make a good use of negative space...

Watch those hands, Chris!

Drew exerting his authority.

Put your clothes back on, white boy.

This is why alcohol is bad. It leads to me lifting my shirt and men people touching my nipples. I don't mind when girl people touch them, but that almost never happens.

Mike is like Visa. He's everywhere you want to be.

I hate this guy.

And here is with Chris, just before Chris steps in to cock block!

Drew gets himself a little "Menage-a-Four".

This shows the actual height difference without shoes. Faith is at perfect boob height.

Zorikh showing off that he knows how to read.

Fernando and Chris!

Man, that boy loves him some beer!

She's so petite!

Ewwww! No one wants to see that!

It's like I'm just lounging around in my office and Mike and Giacinto came to visit.

That's my penis. Somewhere in there. You have to look really close.


And my shoes. That's the last thing I remember that night.



What's that happening on the floor of our hotel room? Hmmmm.....?


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