Week 4

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He got... a Big Can of Whoop Ass!!

Graham, trying to look casual.

Mercy striking a pose.

Chris, happy that he found his marbles. Well, most of them.

Me and Daz. (you may recognize him as "Lighthammer" from Blade 2)

Casey playing dress up with Speedy.

At the party we gave out Crew hats. Two types were made, one with the Rossdale Logo, and one with the Kuzaa logo. Hong was late, and ended up with a Kuzaa hat, but wanted a Rossdale one, since her character is Rossdale. So she had to make a sad face (seen above) for Jack so he would trade hats with her.

Me and Erica and my cheeks.

Me and Chris the Slate Guy.

Me and Joe.

Like I'm supposed to be able to remember everyone's name!

Me and Doug.

Me and the Orange Ball and the growth attached to it.

Me and Jon. He's supposed to be the Behind The Scenes Video guy, but I think most of that footage is going to be from Cat and my cameras, since between us we got 20 hours of video!

They're still dancing! Why don't they just kiss already!?!

I have no idea what we're doing, or why he has a Teddy Bear with him.

Shane, finally getting the Directorial treatment.

Graham bowling with the bumpers down for the first time. He's a big boy now.

"This guy!".

Robb and Donny.

Tom and Scott.

Steve, Mercy and Jeff.

Chris and Mercy.

Shane, standing in a bad place, and about to get a whole lot of Bowling Balls thrown at him.

After the Wrap Party ended, a bunch of us headed to the After Party, which was held in the hotel's Laundry/Gaming Room.

Aaron and Hong.

Dylan enjoying the feel of the dryer under his butt.

Mercy hiding.

Casey kicking the crap out of Yuriy. Damn.

Osama and Jon.

Casey, who barely broke a sweat making Yuriy cry for his mommy.

Mercy, thanking Casey for beating Yuriy like a dog.

Jeff and Graham checking if the video they shot of the fight was successfully uploaded to


Well, that's the end of it. It's finally done. But don't worry, there are plenty of more pics coming once I can show the costumes, props and FX stuff.

Here's the Kuzaa and Rossdale logos, in case you were curious as to what they looked like.

And here's my list of people who I would like to thank for helping make this movie a reality, in order of when they got involved in the project:

Shane Felux, Tony Bassi, Eric Negron, Matt Worsdell, Peter Cooper, Little 1's Leather, Cat Simone, Zak Hennessey, Randy Kent, Jennifer Dryden, Graham Groff, Samantha Evans, Erica Borucki, Richard "Dicky" Lee, and Nicole Py.

Without these people listed above, we would never have been able to finish this film. A big, huge thanks to you all, from the bottom of my heart. Can't wait to work on the next project with you!


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