Week 4

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What did I walk in on?? Maybe they were just hiding from the torrential downpour. Maybe.

Oooh, the insides of the caves. Since these are living caves, they had very specific rules about what was allowed to happen. No touching the walls, no liquids allowed, not too many people in the caves, etc. It was a tough shoot, but the caves made it look amazing.

Maureen using the coffee pot to keep warm.

Sleeping make up artists.

This is it, last day of filming!!

Vicki doing make-up on Mercy.

Dylan, taking his shirt off because he thinks he's so cool.

Cat carrying the infamous Racine Costume.

Nikki getting footed.

Graham looking on in horror.

These are an example of 2 Virginian Princesses.

Spat again! Yeah! Go, Spat! Here I am in the cave using Erica's Hat Light to find my way around. It's very scary, confining and confusing down there!

Erica, the master Spelunker.

A very typical picture.

Here's where we were. If you head down there, be sure to tell them Spat sent you!

Maureen bringing me my lunch.

Seaman Py Ala Mode looking pretty pissed at having to carry Graham's bags around.

Shane's Director's Chair. What love. What respect!

You know you love it.

Me and Dicky.

Aaron trying to kill me. Though it should be me trying to kill him, since he had a bad habit of breaking every prop that was in arm's reach.

I have to assume this was a typo. Impressed? Shouldn't it have been Repressed? Depressed? Even Compressed would have sounded better.

Another freaking cake!?!?! What's this one for? It's for the wrap party!! Why? Because we wrapped filming!! Woo Hoo!!


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