Week 4

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Well, once a movie is over, it's tradition to hold a "Wrap Party". And it's also tradition for me to go crazy taking "Self Shots".

Our party was held at a Bowling Alley across the street from our hotel.

Here's me with Tom, he plays Resnikoff, the Rossdale Tunnel Rat.

Me and Shane! The man! The Director! The Producer! Woo Hoo!! The man of the hour!

Everyone trying to look cool when the camera comes out.

Me and Donny.

Erica and Robb, eating cake.


Osama (the sound guy) and Scott.

Dylan trying to look cool, because that's how D'qlon strokes it. The "Q" is silent. Long story.

Me and Scott. He plays Janeski, the drugged up Rossdale Doctor.

Me and Jack!

Me and Yuriy (Tea Bag).

Me and Stephanie.

Me and Graham.

Me and Jeff.

Me and Chris.

Me and Aaron giving "Blue Steel".

Me and Lev. Lev plays Traina, the Rossdale hot head soldier.

Me and Casey. And she's giving me the devil horns. :(

Me and Joe, the PA.

Me and Sam!

Me and Osama.

Me and Hong!

Me and Mercy.

Casey and Sam dancing up a storm.

Me and Steve.

Me and Jenni.

Me and Kathi. Kathi is the On Set Electrician.

Me and Speedy.

Me and Cat.

The cast, led by Mercy, gave gifts and awards to Shane, Scott and Dylan.

Shane and his "#1 Lover" trophy.

Scott getting his "Pasties".

And now it's Dylan's turn. What will he get...?


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