Week 4

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Week 4!! The last week of filming! And we're heading back to Virginia to shoot in some caves! Wooo, scary caves!

On the way down we spotted this odd thing on the road.

And we picked up a new member of the team, Nikki. Isn't that a great pic to use as her introduction? Nikki is a friend of Grahams who is attending the Tom Savini school of FX Make-Up. So we brought her in to help out with some of the big FX scenes coming up on these final days of filming.

Graham and Nikki sleeping.

Nikki, or Seaman Py (as she is also known) showing off her strange obsession for Trucker hats.

Nikki getting something from the back of the van while Graham helps her with her balance. He's such a polite boy.

It's the Emerald City!! We're off to see the Wizard!

Sleepy time!

Graham and Nikki and the infamous Apple that she wacked him in the face with.

Yeah! Here we are at the Ramada Hotel in Strasburg, VA. Which had an awesome Hotel bar that had no liquor license! What!?!?!?!?

So it was back to the room where Pete showed his behind the scenes video of the first 3 weeks of filming.

Scott and Jenny getting their gifts. This being the last week of filming, everyone was giving gifts all weekend. Well, everyone except me. I just look the other way while everyone steals costumes and props from the film. That's my gift.

Nikki wearing Graham's pajamas.

Personally, I consider these to be inappropriate work shoes on a movie set, but they make her happy, so what the heck.

Dicky!! And he's wearing clothes! We also have some great pics of him dressed as "Dickler", but I can't show those pics since he's in a Kuzaa costume in the pics. Sorry.

Me! Whoo!! Finally, a pics of Spat! Cherish it.

Pete! The crazy guy from Canadia.

Here's our impromptu Prop and Costume tent that we set up in the parking lot of the hotel.

Sam doing her "Dance of the Seven BDU's"

Graham massaging Vicki, the on set Hair and Make-Up girl.

Joe! The PA with the mostest.

Sam showing off her gift from Graham. She's kind of got a Xena thing going on, right?

Filming for the last 2 days was to take place at the Crystal Caves in Strasburg. A natural, living cave system. Thankfully, there was a whole park bench area that we were able to use as home base.

And Stephanie and Maureen were able to set up Craft Services so they could feed us! Yummy!

Dave, the Production Manager, trying to keep a low profile so no one else asks him for money.

Graham TRYING to look cool.

Scott and his wife, Nancy waiting outside the entrance to the caves.

Spat's sad face. Does it make you want to cry?

And someone has a new pet frog! Or a frog has a new pet human. One or the other.


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