Week 3

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Shane had been complaining since week 1 that he didn't get any cool swag, like the SpatCave "Trenches" hats, or the dog tags that I had made for everyone on my team, as well as for Scott (the 1st AD). So after a particularly whiny tantrum that Shane threw, I decided to make him a tag. Josh got me some cardboard, and we made Shane his own Dog Tags.

On the back it said, "If found, please return to Dawn. 867-5309". I'm so bad.

Here's Yuri, the Key PA, though I never saw him carrying any keys. We call him "Tea Bag" because we were all drinking at the Cheesecake Factory the first weekend, and he ordered an Earl Gray Tea. Though he claims he's not a Trekkie. Nerd.

Chris Santana, the on set Grip, had a habit of losing things all over set, so someone made a chart to help keep track. By the end of the day, many other things that he had lost had been added to the chart. Including - His Marbles, His Mind, His Sense of Self Respect, and His Virginity. Though we later found out that he hadn't lost his Virginity, he tried to throw it away, but it was returned to him.

Stephanie and Maureen NOT making me food. Bad girls!

And here's Chris. It's hard to believe he could lose so many things with everything clipped to his belt like that!

Pete. Not wearing pants. Need I say more?

After the shoot, we headed back to the hotel and played a rousing game of "Fact or Crap". Graham was our game show host, and it was a fun way to kill a few hours before getting back to set in the morning.

What's this?? A note from Catfish Jim!! Where could this have come from?

Oh no! It's the severed head of Catfish Jim!

And it's been left right outside Daz's Hotel Room door! What will he do!?!?!

Well, actually, sometime after it was dropped off there, it made its way over to Mercy and Hong's room and scared the hell out of them when they went to leave their room. At least it scared someone.

The last day of shooting on Week 3 brought us to a Studio in Maryland where we would film all the Greenscreen and Spaceship scenes.

Graham getting ready to give an actor an "Exam".

Robb, the Script Supervisor, downloading porn.

The crew at "Video VIllage" checking the scenes.

I'm assuming they're trying out for a porno of some sort.

Micci and me! Micci plays Greig, the other Rossdale Evac Officer.

Shane actually Directing!

Behind the Green Screen.

Sam sleeping.

Maureen ignoring me.

Dylan being Dylan.

Yuri pretending he can fly.

And Yuri poking Dylan in the crotch with his +2 Bat of Ball Banging.

And here's what someone wrote on the side of my van while we were loading up to wrap up week 3!!

Week 4 coming soon!

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