Week 3

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Speedy looking for something to blow up.

The stunt team was also bored, so they decided to climb things. Here's Steve climbing the wall. Literally.

Josh (Set Dressing) also got bored, and during a scene where the actors charge out of the bunker via this door, he waited outside it and would throw things at them, or try and take them out with the bat. And the last time, we just closed the door and left them locked in.

Hong, who plays Wing, the Rossdale Sniper, looking very guilty about something.

I get nervous when I see this group all together like this. Makes me think they're plotting something.

Tony! Tony managed to get a few days off from work and drove down to help out on set. Sadly, there wasn't a lot for him to do. But he did make his own, custom "Trenches" hat, which everyone on set coveted!

Donny the Gaffer, checking out the ceiling in the bunker. Why? Check it out:

These are the things growing on the ceiling of the Bunker. Ewww. All day, all night, the bunker was dripping water. Everything was wet.



Cat, getting freaky.

Orlando had asked about keeping his costume after the film wrapped, and I told him that he couldn't. He kept asking and I kept telling him, "no". Finally, Erica came to me and told me that she had been dressing Orlando that morning and that he arrived on set not wearing underwear. Needless to say, I told him that he could now keep his pants. I surely wasn't taking those back. Sadly, this was the day that he needed the stunt team to fit him with a harness for an action scene, but the harness needed to be strung under his crotch, under his clothes. They refused to let him wear it without underwear, so Casey had to loan him a pair of her shorts. From what I understand, it took 3 people to get the shorts onto him, and he was screaming the whole time about how it was cutting off his circulation in his legs. Of course, there was no better pair of shorts he could have been given:

I never found out if Casey asked for her shorts back.

David (the Production Manager), and Evan (the Location Manager) watching as Orlando pulls his pants down for everyone.

Maureen and Stephanie, the Craft Services girls.

Casey and Steve rigging the harness.

Daz giving Hong a lift.

Mercy (who plays Racine, the Kuzaa Special Forces Captain) bringing Orlando a Finger Cake. That's right, more cake!

Scott and Sam rubbing butts.

Apparently, it's finger licking good.

Again, another big dent in the cake budget.

Orlando getting rigged up.

Me and Orlando!


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