Week 3

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After wrapping week 2, I got to head back to New York for one whole day before heading down to Baltimore, MD for week 3.

While home, I got to spend some time with my dog, Belle. This is a pic Tony took of her and I. She's actually sleeping here. She tries to crawl into blankets and sleep, but sometimes she hits a wall and can't go any farther.When that happens, she just stops and falls asleep, but never seems to notice that her butt is sticking out of the blanket for all the world to take pics of.

For our third week on Trenches, we would be shooting for 4 days in a bunker in Fort Howard, and then 1 day in a studio. Our hotel was right across the street from a giant Bible College, and we all really, REALLY wanted to get Scott into the Alien costume to stand outside the door and pretend to be the Devil coming for the student's immortal souls. But we feared that the Bible girls might be packing heat, so instead we had to find other things to amuse ourselves with.

Here's one amusing thing we found. It's the hotel snack machine. We could forgive the metal gate protecting it, but look closely at what's being sold. In addition to the chips, candies and gum...

You can get condoms, and cigars! Now that's a party hotel if I've ever seen one!

That night we all headed out to a Dominican restaurant that Orlando knew about. Here's Cat with Orlando's (very confused looking) son.

Cast and crew hanging out having dinner together. I'm pretty sure this is one of the signs of the Apocalypse.

Pete (the Canadian Alien guy) showing how he can ALMOST get his fist in his mouth.

Our first day on the new set had us living outside in a park! The bunker was right nearby, but we had a picnic area to use as our base camp. Here's Graham setting up the Make-Up area.

Scott (the other Scott, we had about 20 Scotts on set for some reason) looking very confused for some reason.

Pete, Steve (the Stunt Man) and Scott looking very bored.

Aaron gets kidnapped by Erica.

Graham's weekend "Party" bag. Latex, Food Coloring, and Personal Lubricants, oh my.

Apparently, the latex and lube go a long way with the ladies, here's Graham fighting off Jenni, Sam and Erica!

Here's where Hong ruined Scott's (another Scott) kneepad while playing with the paints.

Our first day on set week three also introduced us to a new actor that we hadn't met yet. It's Daz! He plays Verro, the Kuzaa soldier. Here's a scar test that Vicki and Graham were testing out on him.

Scar test #2.

Sam all covered in blood, don't ask why.

Graham looking all happy that he finally gets to play with blood.

Blood on the walls. Ewww.

Scott playing with his ball.. gag.

Jenni making a new Kuzaa belt while Speedy (the Pyro guy) watches.

Shane taking Jack's lunch order. That's right, we made the Director bring us lunch. It's normal.

Casey (the Stunt Woman)giving me the eye. And the thumb's up.

Daz, looking like he's about to jump off the bench and kill me. He was a very scary guy, especially when he kept pinching the back of my arm. :(

Who knew that Vader was a Confederate.

Jenni and Sam making belts.

Spat! Yeah! Baby! Wooo!

Erica in her combat ready killer costume! We did have one huge problem on set, and that was the problem of too much free time for some people. Certain teams were swamped all day long (wardrobe and props), and other teams had free time (aliens and FX make-up). So to keep their sanity, those groups would find ways to amuse themselves in the down time. And one way was to dress the women up, put make-up on them, and then make them pose for photo shoots.

Graham with... something in his hand. I'm not sure I want to know what.


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