Week 3

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Grahams underwear again. Why do I keep taking these pics?

The fingers! Actually, a little bit of trivia for you, I made those fingers while in College, in 1991 or so. They're actually Drew's fingers. Interesting, huh?

Pete got bored, started up his airbrush compressor, stole my paints and gave everyone tattoos.

It's Pete! He always looks angry. Or bored. Or drunk. Or Canadian.

Cat doing her Kenny impersonation.

Casey doing some new higher form of Soduko that Erica taught her.

Erica, the evil redhead teaching people new number games.

Speedy sleeping in his trailer while Confederate Vader guards him.

Erica doing her Cat impersonation.

Tony's "Trenches" tattoo from Pete.

Graham's make-up case.

Erica's gargoyle Tattoo.

Scott (Canadian) and his cool cyber sleeve tattoo.

An arm getting painted. What is that? The Flaming Carrot? Hmmm...

Scott trying to steal a Kuzaa costume.

Jeff, the other Stunt Man getting down with his Hippie self while listening to some Celine Dion.

While there was some down time, Daz walked down to the water and found some people fishing. They probably thought he was insane (if you could see the Kuzaa costume and then imagine him wanting to try fishing in it, you'd get the joke). Either way, they lent him a pole, and he actually ended up catching 2 fish. One really small one, and one decent sized Cat Fish. My theory is that since Daz wasn't dressed like a fisherman, the fish were confused and went for the hook.

Graham offered to gut, clean and cook the fish for him, and at lunch, Daz ate it!

Shane, the Cowboy. For those who don't know, Shane is actually from Texas, so he's allowed to wear the hat.

Dylan, the Second Assistant Director trying to look cool in front of the Director.

Cat being all hip hop.

The head of Catfish Jim. That's right, I named him. So sad, so, so sad.

Here's a photo montage of Sam and Casey doing some fun girly stuff. If you save the pics, then flip through them quickly, it almost makes a cool little movie. Almost.

Sadly, I deleted like 20 pics from this set. I must have been really bored.

This is the batch where Daz gets into the game.

But can't seem to stay up.

If you flip through these pics while listening to a women's tennis match, it's mostly like a porno. Mostly.


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